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What are the main differences between Calvin Klein boxers and Calvin Klein trunks?

Calvin Klein Boxers When Calvin Klein launched his label in New York in 1968, selling coats from a hotel lobby, he likely never imagined his underwear line would achieve cult status. From the iconic Mark Wahlberg campaigns in the 1990s to recent ads featuring Justin Bieber and Lara Stone, Calvin Klein underwear has consistently led the market in design and innovation.


What should a guy wear to a Festival?

Festival Outfit Ideas for Men. Whether it's Glasto or Creamfields, we've got you covered... Get ready to turn heads with these exciting outfit inspirations for men's festival outfits in 2024! Looking to make a statement? or just find something that's going to mean you don't spend 48 hours with soaking wet feet. Our top 5 festival outfit suggestions have got you covered... Contents: Festival O... Read more


The Great Swim Sale at UNDERU

Find yourself a HUGE 50% off all swimwear at UNDERU. That's including all swim shorts, swim briefs, swim trunks, sliders and flip flops with 50% off. This is our biggest sale yet. And this sale is live for the whole of September. But, don't wait around because products with huge savings like this don't tend to stay on the shelf for long. Whether you need new swimwear for now, or if you are pre... Read more


Baseball Caps & Bucket Hats

We are in the midst of a heatwave here in the UK and it’s safe to say that wearing baseball caps or bucket hats is a priority right now. With temperatures soaring above 30°C it’s definitely hat weather. In fact, without a hat on outside you are bound to get heat stroke! Thus, take a sensible approach and grab yourself a new baseball cap or bucket hat. We have a fantastic range of caps and hats... Read more


Calvin Klein men's socks

Your favourite socks back in stock! Our Calvin Klein socks are a massive hit. And, with a huge range of cool socks to choose from you can see why they sell out so quick. Calvin Klein men's socks are a great sock drawer filler. And, with styles perfect for every event you can count on these socks to carry you through the entire year. Find subtle logo details throughout and a fabulous colour ran... Read more


Swimwear Sale

That's right. It's time to talk about our end of Summer sale. Generally, most people have has their Summer holiday by now. Kids are back to school, parents back to work. Thus, our swimwear sale is the perfect opportunity to get ready for your next trip. Or, if you are lucky enough to have a holiday coming up soon then now is definitely the ideal time to buy some new swim shorts, briefs, or tru... Read more


Ted Baker Accessories

Travelling season makes it the perfect time to talk about our lovely Ted Baker accessories available here at UNDERU. A wonderful collection that is full of great outfit finishers. Like a cherry on top. Generally accessories improve an outfit. Be that practicality or looks-wise, or both. Ted Baker accessories here at UNDERU are the perfect addition to an outfit. In addition, they make a fantast... Read more


Sportswear Look Book

Did you know that we sell lots of sportswear here at UNDERU? As a company that sells majority underwear and loungewear you may have missed our sporty items within the mix. Therefore, let's take a look at some of our sporty pieces. Generally, perfect for sporting activities throughout the year. Be that the gym, indoor sports, running, and so much more. From performance underwear and socks to pe... Read more


Diesel Loungewear AW23

Can you believe we are talking about Autumn Winter clothing already? I sure can't. This year has flown by faster than ever before. So, what clothes are we serving you this season? Diesel menswear is one of the first brands to arrive for AW23. Therefore, in this post we will be exploring the start of the new collection by Diesel. A collection involving al your favourite clothing and underwear p... Read more


MuseARTa Men's Socks

Actual art on your feet. What a phenomenon. MuseARTa men's socks aren't just for men. In fact, they are wearable by anyone as long as your foot fits! Our MuseARTa men's socks are absolutely stunning and each sock features a different piece of famous artwork. However, if you aren't an art fanatic do not worry. You don't need to know the art to love the sock. Thus, in this blog post I will be p... Read more


Summer Look Book

Here you will find the UNDERU Summer look book for 2023 that you never knew you needed. With a bunch of cool outfit inspiration to get you through the last of Summer looking fantastic. Thus, lets get going. The Ultimate UNDERU Summer Look Book Brand Matching Firstly, the number one look has to be a matching fit. A super easy way to dress to impress. But, with very little effort. No need ... Read more


HOM Swim Briefs

A new collection alert! HOM men's swim briefs are finally ready to go here at UNDERU. Explore our new range of HOM swim briefs, shorts, and trunks. A style for everyone. With expert HOM craftsmanship and cool new designs, this new collection might become your favourite so far. A Summer holiday is not complete without a pair of swimmers. If you are living in England, you know this Summer has be... Read more


Paul Smith Men’s Loungewear

Paul Smith men’s loungewear at UNDERU is the perfect choice for winding down after a busy week. Lounge season is fast approaching. Therefore, now is the best time to stock up on some loungewear essentials to get your through the rest of your year. Whether you need some new lounge shorts, lounge joggers, or a new t-shirt, Paul Smith have what you need. Paul Smith is a wonderful English brand th... Read more


Sloggi Men's Underwear

Basics back in stock. What's better than basics? Everyone needs some essential pieces in their underwear drawer. Classics you can't go wrong with. Here you'll find all our classic Sloggi men’s underwear products that are perfect staples to add to your wardrobe. Is it time to throw out the old and add in the new? So many of us have some tatty items in our wardrobe that we know, deep down, it's ... Read more


Hype Backpack Comp

Uh oh. Back to school. A time we all used to dread. Let's get prepared this year by exploring the back to school range here at A place you may not think to look for kids stuff. But, yes we do a great kids range alongside our menswear. Often we'll even have the boy's version of a man's product so that you can match with your boy. How cute is that? And, read until the end of this blo... Read more


BOSS Waffle

Waffles are in. And I am not referring to ice cream cones. Although those are in too. We are in Summer after all. The waffle I am referring to is a fabric texture that has taken the world by storm. We are finding it as part of so many brand's collections. As part of summer collections as well as winter. In fact, it's being used on all sorts of products such as jogging bottoms, lounge shorts, b... Read more


Scotch & Soda Boxer Trunks

Multipack galore. Scotch & Soda have a boastful boxer trunk collection here at UNDERU and is possibly an overlooked brand. So, in this blog post we will be exploring Scotch & Soda as a brand as well as taking a closer look at their boxer trunks multipacks currently available. "Eclectic and modern, our playful designs redefine everyday dressing. We dare to match the unmatchable to d... Read more


Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Socks Re-Stock

Alert. Altert. Your favourite socks are back in stock. Tommy Hilfiger have a killer range of everyday men’s socks that our customers love. Therefore, it was only right to restock them all. Find below some of our favourite picks from the collection. Although these are all replenishment styles make sure to get there quick as they aren't stuck to the shelves for long! Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sock... Read more


Puma Socks

Essential sport socks are booming in popularity. After all, Summer is the best time to wear them. However, they remain popular throughout the year as part of all sorts of daily activities. Such as going to the gym, casual dates out, or indoor sports. They are also great for lounging in the house. Thus, the perfect all rounder sock. Puma socks are a fantastic sock choice for those after a breat... Read more


BOSS Mix And Match Loungewear

Lounge season is close approaching. In fact, those of you situated in the United Kingdom are already in it. While a lot of the world have been experiencing soaring heat waves, England is drenched in rain and blustery winds. Therefore, lounging is well and truly underway. Lounge wear is the utmost important clothing to stock up on during the year. And, it matters what lounge wear you pick. Trus... Read more


Lounge Shorts... Does it get better than this?

Can you really go wrong with a lounge short? The answer to that is simple. Yes you can. But, can you really go wrong with lounge shorts from UNDERU? Well, no, no you can't. In this post we're taking a step forward to look at our most favoured lounging shorts for the season. While these shorts are totally a year-round product, now is definitely the time of year where shorts are thriving. Men... Read more


Emporio Armani Men's Briefs

Can you believe it. Autumn and Winter stock has already started to arrive. Does that mean it's almost Christmas? Eeeeek! Emporio Armani is on their A game as usual. So, what's in this new collection. How does it differ to those previously? And, what Emporio Armani men's briefs and boxers are our favourite picks from the selection so far. With lots more to come it's safe to say that this season... Read more


SAXX Socks - Protect Your Balls

It's important! The balls of your feet don't know what they're missing. As you may know by now SAXX men's underwear features specially designed technology to give your balls the most elusive comfort possible. Balls of your feet are just as important. Therefore, SAXX, AKA balls experts, set out to develop the most ball friendly socks on the market. Not only will the balls of you feet feel boast... Read more


Derek Rose Menswear - A Deluxe Collection

Ever felt like you should be living luxury. You see people every day on social media just soaking up the benefits of luxury fashion. So, why not join the club by wearing Derek Rose menswear? Derek Rose is the absolute epitome of luxury fashion. You can genuinely feel and see the difference. While the price tag is hiked up to a premium level, as is the quality. From my perspective, someone wh... Read more


Sloggi New In

You can't go wrong with basic pants. In fact, they are a staple in every man's wardrobe. Sloggi men's underwear at UNDERU is made up of all your classics. The basic building blocks of a great underwear drawer. What better way to get you through the year than well made underwear in essential colours. Sloggi underwear has just had a restock with all our customer favourite designs. Therefore, wha... Read more


Happy Socks Single Sock Competition Winners.

Happy socks single socks are the go-to fun sock option around the world. In fact, Happy Socks are our most popular fun socks that we sell. With crazy designs, vibrant colours, and high quality stitching, you can see why. To celebrate National Give Something Away Day this year we held a superb competition. This competition involved giving away 5 Happy Socks single socks to 5 very lucky winners.... Read more


French Connection Boxers Faves

Known worldwide as FCUK, French Connection finds itself at the top of its game creating classic underwear and clothing styles for men across the globe. French Connection boxers at UNDERU don’t keep on the shelves for very long. In fact, our international customers can't get enough. So let' take a look at our current FCUK men's underwear staples that you really can't go wrong with. And, with o... Read more


Duchamp Socks | How are socks made?

How are socks made? Do you already know? Has it ever crossed your mind? Well, today we will be exploring the art of making the socks we wear on our feet every day. As well as that, we will be taking a deep dive into Duchamp Socks here at UNDERU. A premium collection of men's socks (women's too if the size fits!) that are covered in gorgeous patterns. Duchamp: The Brand Before we take a loo... Read more


Dolce & Gabbana Sale

Who doesn't love a sale? Especially when it includes Dolce & Gabbana. With our Summer 2023 sale well underway we must express our excitement for the super saving you'll be making this year. Thus, lets check our our Dolce & Gabbana sale. With stunning products up to 60% off you really won't want to miss this one. What's included in the Dolce & Gabbana sale? Well, the question sh... Read more


Happy Socks Single Socks | For free?

In case you missed it it is competition time here at UNDERU. National Give Something Away Day is fast approaching. In fact, there is only 5 days to go. Therefore, the closing of our Happy Socks single socks competition is almost coming to an end. So, don't forget to enter before it's too late. Whether you want to win for yourself or win for a loved one, you might as well give it a go. And, wit... Read more


Versace Swimwear Sale Utterly Luxurious

Dripping in glamour and feeling expensive is a great way to spend your Summer. And, now it's easier than ever with our Versace Sale. Not only does it include premium men's swimwear, but, it also includes men's underwear, loungewear, gym wear, and more. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go and check it out. This Versace swimwear sale will have you supplied for Summer in no time at all. With ... Read more


Men's Underwear Multipacks Sale | Feels like a steal

It’s no secret that multipacks are a huge must here at UNDERU. In fact, there is a minute selection of brands we stock that don’t hold multipacks. Why? Because multipacks are convenient, time-saving, money-saving, great for gifting, and packed with variety. Now, with our incredible men’s underwear multipacks sale in place they are worth bragging about that little bit more. We know times are lo... Read more


DSquared2 Briefs | Get the sexy look.

DSquared2 is one of them brands that focus on bringing sexiness to your wardrobe. And, it's no secret that a great way to look utterly sexy is by wearing a brief. Didn't you see the Pride festival this year? Without lacking in style or quality, DSquared2 bring out excellent fashion collections each year that are dripping in sexiness. From muscle hugging t-shirts to booty lifting men's briefs, ... Read more


Men's Designer Swimwear Sale | Luxuries for less

Men's designer swimwear can be daunting for some. The price tag is hiked up high. Yes. But for good reason. Our new men's designer swimwear sale here at UNDERU will be the helping hand you need to get those top brands for way less. Whether you are new to buying premium swim shorts or not, our swimwear sale will be your new best friend. Our swimwear collection is extensive and packed with amazi... Read more


Happy Socks Sock Competition | National Give Something Away Day

Giveaway time! And, what better day to give something away to our customers than National Give Something Away Day. July 15th, it's a day for giving. Held every year on July 15th National Give Something Away Day offers us an opportunity to to give something away. Be that to charity or to a friend. It's a chance to give to those who need it. It teaches us gratitude and helps to lift others up. T... Read more


Men's Gift Ideas | International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day. A glorious day that started all the way back in 1930 but was actually declared in 2011. A day to celebrate your friends. I'm sure we all appreciate the friends we have in our life. But, how often do we let them know? Today (July 30th) is a day to show your friend why you appreciate them and what better way to do that that a gift? While a message to show appreciati... Read more


Replay SS23 Menswear | What to wear this Summer.

New-in menswear by Replay. Let's take a look. Replay: The Brand Replay was founded by Claudio Buziol, a brilliant Italian entrepreneur. He saw the word "Replay" on TV during a football match and it fascinated him. So much so that he looked up this word and discovered its meaning - REPLAY gets its name from the concept of  “re-making”, “re-creating” and “re-elaborating”. Thus, this was the ... Read more


Guess | New-In & Go-To Basics

Guess menswear is a staple in many men's wardrobes out there. It's a brand that's been around for what feels like forever. The Guess fashion brand began when four Moroccan brothers decided to start their very own fashion line in 1980’s California. Into the label they injected sophisticated, understated style and crisp designs, eventually creating one of the most sought-after and internationall... Read more


Pink Menswear | It's National Pink Day!

Happy National Pink Day! So, today, Friday 23rd June, is a day where people all over the country are celebrating the colour pink. A light shade of red worn and loved by billions of people. People are encouraged to wear something pink today. Some people even go all out with a head to toe pink outfit! However, this day should not be confused with International Day of Pink (April 14th) or with We... Read more


HOM Underwear Spring Summer 2023

A creative and fun collection as always. Find our new HOM underwear Spring Summer 2023 collection now available at UNDERU. Just by glancing at the HOM collections over the years you can see how it outshines with creativity and variability. You don't find a map of France on your pants by just any brand. This year HOM have carried their excellent approach to fashion throughout this new range and... Read more


Emporio Armani | Spring Summer 2023

If bold logos are your thing, then Emporio Armani is the brand to be looking at. In fact, it's hard not to look at it this year. Is this the most colourful collection yet? Perhaps. With an outstanding new collection of products you really won't want to miss this. In this blog post I will be exploring the new Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2023 fashion collection and showing you our top picks for... Read more


Bucket Hats are where it's at... Get Festival Ready

When I think of festivals there is one thing that stands out in my mind. Other than the extraordinary vibes, mosh pits, and portaloo toilets (yuck). I really just see a field of bucket hats. Bucket hats are the quintessential attire for festivals. When you are at a festival it is like looking through a sea of bucket hats, each bobbing up and down to the beat. With a huge variety of styles and ... Read more


BOSS Footwear | Why sliders are taking over the world.

For all times of the year our new BOSS footwear collection will be a firm favourite in your collection. It is without question that sliders have taken the world by storm. While you can't go wrong with a classic flip flop, it's safe to say that a slider is the new favourite, worldwide. Whether you are a sock in slider kind of guy or an anti-sock in slider guy, our new BOSS sliders will have you... Read more


Emporio Armani Boxers | Basics a man can't live without

Underwear creates the base of your wardrobe and the base of your outfit. Therefore, it's essential that the underwear you pick is the best choice for you. Now, there are so many great brands out there offering fantastic underwear. Just take a look at our website and you'll find some amazing options. But, in this post we're are zooming in on a customer favourite. As one of our top-selling brand... Read more


SAXX Men's Boxer Trunks - Cozy balls... What's more to love?

Undies are like the building blocks of a good day. A bad underwear day almost always equates to a bad day. Why you ask? Because a bad underwear day goes a little like this. You roll out of bed in the morning still delirious from the not-so-long sleep you had last night and hop in the shower. Your slightly more awake self proceeds to open your chaotic underwear drawer only to find that your out... Read more


Tommy Hilfiger | Want to win?

Tommy Hifiger men's basics for free? Say whaaaat? This kind of competition doesn't come around often. We are super excited to get this competition started. With 4 winners to be drawn, this may be our best one yet. With 4 fantastic men's boxer trunks multipacks up for grabs, you really don't want to miss this. Whether you what to win it for a pal, win it for yourself, or gift it to your hubby, ... Read more


Hanro SS23 is finally here.

Hanro, globally known for its use of luxurious fabrications, expert designing, and trendy yet timeless styling. From starting up in 1880, it's safe to say that the brand has had lots of experience in its field. In fact, Hanro have proven decade after decade that there's always a chance to make something better. As seen across our seasonal Hanro wear here at UNDERU, it simply just gets better a... Read more


SAXX Men's Boxers for Free?

How a gentleman treats his balls. Quite honestly, SAXX men's underwear is the best... EVER. And, we've not just saying that. In fact, did you know that SAXX is the most popular underwear company in the whole of North America? Seriously. With the most fantastic technology that is entirely focused on providing your balls with the best experience possible. Generally known as life-changingly good ... Read more


Calvin Klein SALE | The best steals

Sales sales sales. All these sales but what to pick? In this post I will be hand selecting some of our biggest Calvin Klein sale items. From the best savings to our personal faves. But remember, get these quick or they'll be gone before you know it! In fact, our Calvin Klein sale is so good you simply wont be able to resist. From Calvin Klein men's socks, to CK swimwear, to lounge wear, and ev... Read more


Lyle & Scott | Win some new undies.

Refresh that underwear drawer this summer with a pair of Lyle & Scott boxers or briefs. Our Lyle & Scott men's underwear will have you feeling fantastic. With a mound of colours and patterns to choose from, what could possibly go wrong? And, to make this dedicated post that little bit more special, make sure to read on to the end for a chance to win a brilliant pack of either Miller ... Read more


Franks Swimwear | How to Solve the Plastic Problem.

Plastic production and pollution is an extremely hot topic this decade. Now is the time to action change and this is undeniable. Waiting is becoming less of an option every single second. In this post I will be diving into the plastic production industry, how you can make simple changes to help, and why Franks swimwear is a wonderful brand to explore. Franks Swimwear: Why it is relevant...... Read more


DSquared2 | Want to win a freebie?

Oh yes. It's that wonderful time again. Competition time! On this occasion we are offering our customers a brilliant price of a whopping £100 DSquared2 voucher! But, more on that later. In this post I want to remind you why DSquared2 is worth a try. In fact, I can guarantee that after this read you will be eager to enter this competition! Who are DSquared2? DSquared2 Underwear & Socks ... Read more


Calvin Klein 1996 - Is this the best collection yet?

Is this the best collection yet? Well that's up to you to decide. The new Calvin Klein 1996 collection offers fantastic designs with old school details. Therefore combining the style of the old and the quality of the now. Boasting an impressive collection of men's underwear and loungewear. Inspired by Calvin Klein's 1996 archival underwear campaign, shot by David Simms, CK 96 is a vibrant logo... Read more


CK 96 - Bringing back the 90's look with Calvin Klein

A new collection. Bringing the brilliant details of the old, with the fantastic quality of the now. The brand new Calvin Klein 1996 collection from Calvin Klein is now here! Choose from men's Calvin Klein men's underwear including CK 96 boxer trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs. As well as a beautiful collection of essential-wear including t-shirts, joggers, and hoodies. All crafted using a recyc... Read more


Hugo Boss Sale | Is this the best sale yet?

Our Hugo Boss menswear sale is officially live. What better time to stock up on luxury pieces than now. Whether you want to get some winter steals or get prepared for summer, our Hugo Boss sale will have you covered. And, for an impeccable price. It's not often we put so much Hugo Boss products on sale and so this is really your chance to make the most of it. Hugo Boss Sale at UNDERU Hugo ... Read more


GANT Sale Now Live | Can you fill your entire wardrobe with one brand?

Winter sales are huge this year. In fact, our sale here at UNDERU is bigger and better than ever. Our Gant menswear sale had styles on sale for up to 60% off. Made up of a brilliant selection of products. There's even enough to cover all parts of your wardrobe! From men's hats and caps, to Gant polo shirts and t-shirts, plus loungewear and underwear, and everything in between. A brilliant bran... Read more


Men's Swimwear SALE! Get it before it's gone...

In the mood for a bargain? Search no more with our men's swimwear sale now live here at UNDERU. Including all your favourite brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, and more. Grab yourself a high quality item from us for a superb price. Now, this is a limited time offer so don't wait too long. Whether you're preparing for summer early or you've got a holiday around the... Read more


Bjorn Borg Sale Is Now On. Did someone say SALE?

Oh boy do we love a bargain. Especially when it involves wonderful products by Björn Borg. One of our favourite brands here at UNDERU. Known for their creative and colourful approach to sports wear. Find exclusive new deals within our excellent Björn Borg Sale. Whether you're hoping to buy some new underwear for the season, or add to your sporty wardrobe with a Björn Borg men's training top, i... Read more


BOSS Socks | Multipacks to upgrade your life...

It's never too early to begin your Spring cleaning. You know, sorting out those drawers and cupboards that have accumulated so much stuff over the past year. Tidying, giving away, and selling the things you really don't need. I think it's safe to say that if you haven't used it in over a year, are you really going to use it? This goes for most items in the home. But, especially in your wardrob... Read more


BOSS Bathrobe | What is the ultimate men's post shower routine?

Stepping into a BOSS bathrobe is the ideal post shower clothing. When you get out of the shower the last thing you want is to be shivering cold for any longer than 10 seconds. So, easily take the stress off your day with a BOSS men's bathrobe. The silky smooth cotton fabrication feels great on the skin. And, it will help you get from A to B without having to worry about other house occupants, ... Read more


Michael Kors Underwear & Shirts | What are people wearing this Spring?

Okay okay, it may feel a tad early to talk about Spring. But, we have already been receiving tonnes of Spring/Summer collections for 2023. And, that's including the brand new Michael Kors men's underwear, and clothing collection. Therefore, there's no better time than the present to show you it. In our books it's never too early to be prepared for the warmer months. Trust us. You'll blink and ... Read more


BOSS Boxers. Start this year right with beautifully crafted pants

Designing done effortlessly as always in our huge BOSS boxers collection. A boastful collection by BOSS is not new news but it is always worth a mention. Especially because we have just started stocking our Spring/Summer 2023 range. This new season of BOSS underwear, clothing, and accessories is filled with natural colours that are easy to mix and match. Magnificent BOSS boxers multipacks whe... Read more


Paul Smith Loungewear & Sleepwear | Pure Luxury

Men that wear Paul Smith get it right. Feeling utterly high class walking around their homes. Their feet covered in colourful stripes that offer a warm hug with every step. Ankles feeling cosy too. Legs kissed with a whisper of premium fabrication as material moves with each step. Upper body completely relaxed with the feeling of soft cotton upon their skin. That's what it feels like to be a P... Read more


Valentines Day... Is it really that time already?

Valentines Day made easy. This is your ultimate Valentines gifting guide. Whether you are buying for your hubby, your boyfriend, a best friend, or a fling. UNDERU have what it takes to get them the best gift they could dream of. Some people can be really hard to buy for, especially if you want to avoid asking them for a wish list. So, we have presented to you some of our favourite gift ideas w... Read more


Zegna Underwear New In Collection at UNDERU

Rebranded and excellent. Discover the brand new Zenga underwear collection here at UNDERU. Ermenegildo Zegna, now known as Zegna, has released a fantastic new collection of your favourite styles. All new and improved of course. Are you in need of some staples that will last you a lifetime? Our new Zegna range will have you covered. All of our most popular underwear and t-shirts by Zenga now in... Read more


Karl Lagerfeld Boxers at UNDERU | Sustainable fabrics make great pants

Brilliantly done basics. Karl Lagerfeld boxers here at UNDERU are a classic example of underwear drawer essentials done really well. Our collection has been perfectly chosen for you. Find Karl Lagerfeld men's boxers and briefs in black, grey, and white, all featuring an eye-catching branded waistband. While I'm pretty sure you have, you don't need to have heard of Karl Lagerfeld to love his cl... Read more


Versace Men's Boxers | What's new to UNDERU?

Oh yes. It's time for a collection launch! Now that Christmas has passed us and the new year is here. New year new pants? Someone had to say it. Versace men's boxers are on their way to your wardrobes and we could not be more ready! Boastfully bold colours for the new year. Iconic Versace logos of course. Also, fantastic experienced manufacturing. Thus, taking comfortable underwear down the ru... Read more


MuseARTa Socks | Are they fantastic or foolish?

MuseARTa men and women socks were an absolute hit this Christmas. Was it because they are the perfect gift? Or, was it because they are the perfect treat-yourself purchase? I think both. In fact, I know that each sock is packaged nicely in pristine condition with stunning designs to choose from. So, what's not to love? Some people do not like in-your-face prints. While, others couldn't think o... Read more


Vivienne Westwood | A fashion icon that will never be forgotten.

The iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has sadly passed away at the age of 81. Vivienne was an English designer behind the brilliant clothing and accessory collections we all adore. The brain behind the gorgeous orb that is now recognised around the world. Worn by a vast sea of people on t-shirts, underwear, jewellery, sits a logo perfectly representing Westwood's anchored position in t... Read more


Sloggi Underwear - Can you go wrong? Your favourites back in stock now!

Sometimes underwear just has just got to be simple. Quite frankly, I believe most people out there don't think too hard before picking their underwear out. In fact, we know that staple colours such as black, white, grey, and navy, are all customer favourites here at UNDERU. However, of course there is always room for fun prints and vibrant colours in your underwear drawer. But, to be honest cl... Read more


Happy Socks Socks Calendar 2022 - It's never too early.

"Shhhhh it's too early for Christmas..." Not for us it's not! If like me, you have already started your Christmas shopping, its the perfect time for me to introduce possibly the best Christmas present ever. We've all done the classic chocolate Christmas calendars. And, don't get me wrong, Christmas is not the same without one. However, it's safe to say that fancy Advent Calendars are booming i... Read more


Duchamp Socks - New To UNDERU

'Tis the season for boot wearing antics. Arguably the most wonderful season for fashion. Envision layering dark colour palettes, and cosy fashion staples. Autumn and Winter is the most incredible time for fashion. Do you agree? Think big coats, long scarves, thick socks. Finished off with your favourite boots that have been hiding away all summer. That's right. Boot season is underway and we a... Read more


Best Black Friday Men's Underwear

Best Black Friday Men's Underwear. Cyber week is around the corner and it is always the best time of year to grab a bargain. This year more than ever, we are all having to be a little more careful this Christmas - so we have the Best Black Friday Men's Underwear deals, so you don't need to look anywhere else. Each year on Black Friday we launch a code with 20% off all black underwear. This ... Read more


The Most Comfortable Boxers of 2022

Our Top 5 Most Comfortable Boxers of 2022 Looking for the most comfortable boxers of 2022? Read on! Now the weather has turned it's time to think about keeping everything cosy and in its right place downstairs ;-). We know comfort is the most important factor when we think about men's underwear. Therefore, it seemed only right to dedicate a post to just that; The most comfortable men's ... Read more


BOSS Underwear: Now with up to 30% off here at

Our Winter BOSS Underwear has landed on site and it’s chock-full of perfect pieces.  Rich autumnal colours dominate the collection with some millennial pink thrown in for good measure.  Also, BOSS are never shy to flash their logo, and why would they?  Their newly designed logo sits proudly on all their waistbands.  We particularly love the new grid logo 3-pack, that's perfect for everyday wea... Read more


Diesel Underwear for AW22 at Shop the collection now...

The Diesel Underwear AW22 collection has arrived online. A mixture of head-turning brights, proud logos and statement waistbands, mean Diesel AW22 is our favourite yet. Diesel Underwear are always known for their rainbow waistbands and daring sexy styles, but each season they experiment a little more with their cuts and patterns. This season we love the classic design of their boxer trunks, f... Read more


Skechers Socks

Men's sports socks are THE in thing at the moment. Pulled up all the way over your ankle to show the brand logo and sock design. Paired with sporty shorts and a hoodie for the ultimate gym outfit. Sports socks offer you more than your casual sock. We think this is why they are all the rage right now. As seen all over Instagram and celebrity paparazzi photos, wearing sportswear as loungewear is... Read more


Designer Men's Slippers with up to 40% off

Looking for men's designer slippers? Look no further than our huge selection from designers such as GANT, Ted Baker, BOSS and Derek Rose. Whether you are looking for moccasins, slip ons or a fur lined cozy pair. We are sure to keep your feet warm this Winter. Men's slippers as a gift this Christmas Men's Slippers are also the perfect gift for the man that has everything. A toasty pair of... Read more


Michael Kors - Intro

That's right. Michael Kors has finally made its way through our doors here at UNDERU and we couldn't be more excited to show you the new collection. Their shirts are on another level. Expert tailoring and stunning patterns along with those special intricate details. But, more about those later... Michael Kors: The Brand Michael Kors is a world-renowned designer known for his iconic luxury ... Read more


Jamie Oliver REALLY Loves SAXX!!!

We can't believe it was a year ago that super Chef Jamie Oliver spoke about his love for SAXX. He spoke on the popular podcast "Off Menu" with Ed gamble and James Acaster back in September 2021. During the podcast Jamie began talking about the brand and how he buys them for all his staff members. This story was then picked up by the main stream media and even landed on ITV's Loose Women. ... Read more


Men's Joop Competition

It's giveaway time! We are extremely excited to be gifting to one of you a men's Joop cardholder. This cardholder is the perfect gift. That's a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Joop is a growing brand here at UNDERU. The stunning collection is expanding as we speak. So, it felt right to give away something for you to enjoy for free. Men's Joop Underwear and Clothing - The Brand ... Read more


Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear for AW2022/23

Worn everyday, boxers are a fundamental piece in every man's wardrobe. We have two main different types of Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear. Here we want to help to choose the best style for you... Bjorn Borg Cotton Stretch Underwear (Essential) Our everyday favourite Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear . An unsung hero with lighter, quality cotton. Excellent comfort and fitting perfectly under whi... Read more


Calvin Klein Men's Pants for AW22. Now reduced at!

Calvin Klein AW22 has arrived online... It’s that time of the year when we dust off our satchels and sharpen our pencils and embrace the new season with open arms.  Even after all these years we still find ourselves with that back to school mentality come Autumn, and clearing out our underwear draws has become a seasonal pursuit…enter Calvin Klein Men's Pants. Last weekend while throwing o... Read more


Armani Men's Underwear AW22 - now reduced!

Our Autumn/Winter stock is arriving online thick and fast.  So over the coming weeks we will be guiding you though each fantastic collection.  Today it’s Emporio Armani men’s underwear… Emporio Armani men’s underwear are always one of the first designers to tap into current trends.  This season their use of logos throughout the collection (by far one of the strongest catwalk trends of AW22).... Read more


Versace Men's Underwear for AW22 now reduced!

Versace men's underwear is always dramatic, daring and bold.  Their signature baroque print and Medusa logo always stands out from the crowd and is instantly recognisable. There are so many Versace men's underwear highlights this season and we have many classic pieces that are now in our men's underwear sale.  A firm favourite are their classic 3-pack briefs (photographed); they are perfect... Read more


Men's Designer Underwear Sale

Our huge Men's Designer Underwear Sale has now started. Shop brands like Calvin Klein, Armani, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss and many more. What better time to grab a bargain and splash out on some luxury men’s designer underwear? Think Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss - some are even half price off! Classic underwear in our Men's Designer Underwear Sale Probably the best type of inv... Read more


Love Island Men's Swimwear

It's time for a Love Island Men's Swimwear recap! We mentioned before that we loved the decision to dress contestants in second-hand clothes from ebay. The show were hoping to change viewers shopping habits in a more sustainable way. But, there was still a lot of "fast fashion" brands featured. This is a shame, seen as the show released a statement about sustainability in June. "The BBC said ... Read more


David Beckham Swimwear: His 2022 Men's Swimwear Wardrobe...

David Beckham Swimwear. Shop his picks here... David is off on his Summer vacation with his wife Victoria and children Romeo and Harper. David has been sporting a selection of designer men's swimwear, including his favourite Versace. David's wife Victoria has been documenting David Beckham Swimwear via her Instagram account this month. We have seen David wearing two of our most popular sty... Read more


Men's Designer Swimwear for 2022

Our favourite new Men's Designer Swimwear for this season... It looks like another heatwave is on the way in the UK, and here at UNDERU we are taking the opportunity to get our men’s designer swimwear sorted by adding a few new items to our collection. We have something for everyone this season, be your men’s swimwear style classic or contemporary.  These are a few of our favourite pieces…... Read more


The Essential Men's Designer Swimwear Guide

Whether you’re a beach guy or if you’re more partial to poolside lounging, having swimwear that makes you feel great is essential. We’ve got something to suit every style, but if you need some pointers on how to pick the right suitcase staples for your getaway, our men's designer swimwear guide is a must-read before you jet off this summer. Table of contents: Which swimwear style is right ... Read more


Top Swimwear Brands for Summer 2022

As the Summer approaches and the weather heats up, you’re probably looking to upgrade your wardrobe. Swimwear is a staple for the summertime, perfect for hot days at home and for keeping cool on holiday.  At UNDERU, we’ve got all the hottest brands trending in men's swimwear 2022. Find an incredible range of huge names you can count on to find the best men's swimwear styles this Summer.  N... Read more


Lyle & Scott Socks

Lyle & Scott men's socks can are eagerly waiting for your feet. We have a seriously good men's Lyle & Scott socks range ideal for adding variety or volume to your sock draw. Perfect for all-year round. Do your socks look a bit dull? Is it time for a refresh? Lyle & Scott multipack socks are great value for money and look fabulous. The Brand Lyle & Scott is a Scottish knitwe... Read more


Bjorn Borg Men's T-Shirts

Is there any garment more appropriate for Summer than a t-shirt? Generally, t-shirts are a year-round staple. In fact, they are the most versatile and wearable item in existence. Possibly. Have you ever met a man that doesn't wear a t-shirt? Well, we love t-shirts here at UNDERU. And, it is especially exciting to introduce to you our brand new Bjorn Borg men's t-shirts collection. This new ran... Read more


Love Island Underwear for 2022

Love Island underwear. It's nearly time to hear those famous words "I've got a text!!" Love Island 2022 is nearly upon us. We love the decision to dress contestants in second-hand clothes from eBay; which the show are hoping will change viewers shopping habits in a more sustainable way. The BBC say "The show had attracted criticism from sustainability advocates for promoting fast fashion... Read more


MuseARTa Socks

New to UNDERU. Yes, you heard that right. Exciting times. The UNDERU website is proud to introduce a new brand to its collection. We simply cannot wait to share it with you. Wear luxury socks in style with MuseARTa socks. Luxury socks are a growing sector in the luxury fashion industry. If you wear high quality premium clothing on the rest of your body why wouldn't you wear it on your feet. Th... Read more

GANT Boxers for Spring Summer 2022: Refresh your underwear drawer now!

We love GANT Boxers! If you are looking for a grown up yet fun collection; then GANT men's underwear is for you. This season GANT have updated their classic preppy look so it appeals to every age group.  We are lucky enough to have some fantastic pieces of Gant underwear in for SS22 and wanted to show you a few of our favourites… We love GANT's signature cotton stretch boxers with bold ... Read more


Paul Smith Men's Underwear

Paul Smith Men's Underwear is arriving for SS22 at UNDERU, along with loads of our Spring/Summer collections.  Paul Smith boxers are always a highlight of each season, their gown-up take on men’s underwear  makes them so popular and we always enjoy seeing what each collection holds. First up in our selection is my personal favourite, the Paul Smith iconic multi-stripe boxer trunks.  Their b... Read more

Men’s Swimwear 2022: Top Summer Trends

The Top Men's Summer Swimwear Trends for 2022 Holiday fever is hotting-up as we edge closer to a summer of unrestricted travel, and the prospect of lounging on crystalline shores is more inviting than ever before. It’s time to dust off your suitcase and fill it with the staple pieces of the season — and we’re on hand to help you make your post-pandemic poolside debut your most fashionable yet. ... Read more


Bjorn Borg Swimwear

Bjorn Borg swimwear will start your summer off right! It’s time to get excited because the all-new Bjorn Borg Spring Summer 2022 collection has arrived. Is it time for a wardrobe refresh? Bjorn Borg know what they are doing across their entire range. Find brand new swim shorts and exciting new underwear. Bjorn Borg men’s swimwear collection for Spring/Summer 2022 As usual, you’ll find a gr... Read more


Happy Socks Socks SS22

Nothing says Summer is here than our new range of Happy Socks socks! The best word to describe it is outrageous, in your face, and silly. If you are a ride and die fan of Happy Socks you already know their collections are always bursting with colour and fun. We can’t get enough of them. The theme for the new collection is finding beauty in ugly. Have you ever seen a jumper so ugly you just hav... Read more


Replay Men's T-Shirts

The staple piece for your summer drobe. A Replay t-shirt is the perfect essential. Replay t-shirts are beautifully soft, stylish and long lasting - everything you could want in a t-shirt. Whether you love a logo or hate a logo this t-shirt range has it all. Choose from classic colour ways or jump outside the box with the brighter options. Fit to perfection, Replay men's t-shirts are perfect fo... Read more