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Karl Lagerfeld Boxers at UNDERU | Sustainable fabrics make great pants

Brilliantly done basics. Karl Lagerfeld boxers here at UNDERU are a classic example of underwear drawer essentials done really well. Our collection has been perfectly chosen for you. Find Karl Lagerfeld men's boxers and briefs in black, grey, and white, all featuring an eye-catching branded waistband. While I'm pretty sure you have, you don't need to have heard of Karl Lagerfeld to love his cl... Read more


Karl Lagerfeld Men's Underwear | BRAND NEW Collection

These are my favourite blog posts to write. New-in stock is always exciting no matter what it is. But, new-in brands are even more exciting to announce. The thrill of introducing new clothes to people knowing that they will absolutely love them is a great feeling. So, what's new to Karl Lagerfeld has finally arrived at UNDERU and is as gorgeous as ever. From Karl Lagerfed men's und... Read more

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