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SAXX Men's Boxer Trunks - Cozy balls... What's more to love?

Undies are like the building blocks of a good day. A bad underwear day almost always equates to a bad day. Why you ask? Because a bad underwear day goes a little like this. You roll out of bed in the morning still delirious from the not-so-long sleep you had last night and hop in the shower. Your slightly more awake self proceeds to open your chaotic underwear drawer only to find that your out... Read more


Jamie Oliver REALLY Loves SAXX!!!

We can't believe it was a year ago that super Chef Jamie Oliver spoke about his love for SAXX. He spoke on the popular podcast "Off Menu" with Ed gamble and James Acaster back in September 2021. During the podcast Jamie began talking about the brand and how he buys them for all his staff members. This story was then picked up by the main stream media and even landed on ITV's Loose Women. ... Read more


SAXX Boxer Trunks | New-In Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

SAXX have excelled our expectations once again. A brand now collection of exciting prints, bold colours, and never-seen-before designs. Fun. Fun is the word to describe the new SAXX men's boxer trunks collection for Spring/Summer 2022. Find vibrant fruits, food, stripes and everything in between. Literally... SAXX do not mess about when it comes to variety. What makes SAXX boxer trunks worth... Read more


Saxx Men's Underwear | Your favourite essentials are back!

SAXX men's underwear is growing in popularity every single day. Would you believe that it is even worn by celebrities like Gordan Ramsey. Indeed, he could pick any underwear brand in the world yet he chooses SAXX. And, there's a reason for that. However, I must remind you that this is not new news. In fact, SAXX have been impressing men around the globe since it all started back in 2006. Since... Read more


SAXX Underwear | New prints that will ignite your senses

SAXX boxer briefs are a solid favourite of ours here at UNDERU. Our customer are always thrilled with the unique and supportive fit of these boxers. I am sure you already know but in case you do not. Find below three of SAXX boxer briefs trademark qualities. What makes SAXX boxer briefs so great? He has got a good point! Read more here ... “My balls feel warm, protected, soft, and mos... Read more


The 5 best pairs of men's underwear this Summer

With Summer in full swing, men's underwear needs to work that little bit harder... Men's underwear comes into it's own in the Summer months. Fabrications and fit are emphasised more than ever. If it didn't feel comfortable when it's 15c, then it sure as hell isn't going to when it hits 35c and you're stuck on the underground for an hour. We've complied a few key underwear pointers, to keep you ... Read more


Saxx Underwear is your answer to underwear chafing

With the Summer fast approaching and underwear chafing an issue for many men, Saxx Underwear has the answer... SAXX’s heritage of revolutionising underwear goes back 10 years. In 2006, Trent Kitsch was on an Alaskan fishing expedition and after spending hours in a cold, clammy ocean suit he knew there had to be a better way to protect his package from chafing. A former baseball player, he imag... Read more


Introducing SAXX Underwear to UNDERU

Here at UNDERU we are always on the lookout for new innovative men's underwear brands. Our newest brand, SAXX underwear are just that. Launching in the US 10 years ago they have begun to lead the way in men's underwear technology and are fast revolutionising men's underwear.Going back 10 years to 2006. Trent Kitsch was on a fishing expedition and after spending hours in a cold ocean suit he kne... Read more

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