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Your Autumn Look Book Taken Care Of | UNDERU

Autumn. We all know what it’s like. One minute you are freezing cold, the next, you wish you didn’t bring that coat with you. While it can be totally unpredictable, Autumn fashion is one of the best. Layers, cozy accessories, BOOTS, need I say more? We have created an Autumn essential’s list that will make it easy to get yourself ready for the colder months to come. Check out Vogue's take on t... Read more


Our favourite Men's Hoodies for Winter in Summer

We know moaning about the weather is one of our Great British pastimes (and we love it really) but you know it's been a rotten summer when you post about Men's Hoodies in August...So it's August and in true British summer style it's wet...and cold...and wet.  So the last week or so we've been reaching for our trusted men's hoodies to keep the chill off and keep us dry. With conditions not looki... Read more

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