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Calvin Klein men's socks

Your favourite socks back in stock! Our Calvin Klein socks are a massive hit. And, with a huge range of cool socks to choose from you can see why they sell out so quick. Calvin Klein men's socks are a great sock drawer filler. And, with styles perfect for every event you can count on these socks to carry you through the entire year. Find subtle logo details throughout and a fabulous colour ran... Read more


MuseARTa Men's Socks

Actual art on your feet. What a phenomenon. MuseARTa men's socks aren't just for men. In fact, they are wearable by anyone as long as your foot fits! Our MuseARTa men's socks are absolutely stunning and each sock features a different piece of famous artwork. However, if you aren't an art fanatic do not worry. You don't need to know the art to love the sock. Thus, in this blog post I will be p... Read more


Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Socks Re-Stock

Alert. Altert. Your favourite socks are back in stock. Tommy Hilfiger have a killer range of everyday men’s socks that our customers love. Therefore, it was only right to restock them all. Find below some of our favourite picks from the collection. Although these are all replenishment styles make sure to get there quick as they aren't stuck to the shelves for long! Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sock... Read more


SAXX Socks - Protect Your Balls

It's important! The balls of your feet don't know what they're missing. As you may know by now SAXX men's underwear features specially designed technology to give your balls the most elusive comfort possible. Balls of your feet are just as important. Therefore, SAXX, AKA balls experts, set out to develop the most ball friendly socks on the market. Not only will the balls of you feet feel boast... Read more


Happy Socks Single Sock Competition Winners.

Happy socks single socks are the go-to fun sock option around the world. In fact, Happy Socks are our most popular fun socks that we sell. With crazy designs, vibrant colours, and high quality stitching, you can see why. To celebrate National Give Something Away Day this year we held a superb competition. This competition involved giving away 5 Happy Socks single socks to 5 very lucky winners.... Read more


Duchamp Socks | How are socks made?

How are socks made? Do you already know? Has it ever crossed your mind? Well, today we will be exploring the art of making the socks we wear on our feet every day. As well as that, we will be taking a deep dive into Duchamp Socks here at UNDERU. A premium collection of men's socks (women's too if the size fits!) that are covered in gorgeous patterns. Duchamp: The Brand Before we take a loo... Read more


BOSS Socks | Multipacks to upgrade your life...

It's never too early to begin your Spring cleaning. You know, sorting out those drawers and cupboards that have accumulated so much stuff over the past year. Tidying, giving away, and selling the things you really don't need. I think it's safe to say that if you haven't used it in over a year, are you really going to use it? This goes for most items in the home. But, especially in your wardrob... Read more


Valentines Day... Is it really that time already?

Valentines Day made easy. This is your ultimate Valentines gifting guide. Whether you are buying for your hubby, your boyfriend, a best friend, or a fling. UNDERU have what it takes to get them the best gift they could dream of. Some people can be really hard to buy for, especially if you want to avoid asking them for a wish list. So, we have presented to you some of our favourite gift ideas w... Read more


Lyle & Scott Socks

Lyle & Scott men's socks can are eagerly waiting for your feet. We have a seriously good men's Lyle & Scott socks range ideal for adding variety or volume to your sock draw. Perfect for all-year round. Do your socks look a bit dull? Is it time for a refresh? Lyle & Scott multipack socks are great value for money and look fabulous. The Brand Lyle & Scott is a Scottish knitwe... Read more


MuseARTa Socks

New to UNDERU. Yes, you heard that right. Exciting times. The UNDERU website is proud to introduce a new brand to its collection. We simply cannot wait to share it with you. Wear luxury socks in style with MuseARTa socks. Luxury socks are a growing sector in the luxury fashion industry. If you wear high quality premium clothing on the rest of your body why wouldn't you wear it on your feet. Th... Read more


Tommy Hilfiger Socks | An absolute classic to "sock" up on...

We've all heard on Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger is one of those staple brands that do what they do with absolute excellence. Throughout their collections you'll see that excellence . Including their socks. Over time we have collected an amazing range of classic Tommy Hilfiger men's socks. As well as Tommy Hilfiger kids socks. Their socks are done well. Do you need a Tommy Hilfiger sock? ... Read more


Skechers | The perfect sports socks for your trainers...

Skechers are famous for their incredible shoes. Step foot in London for 5 minutes and you will see plenty of people rocking Skechers shoes. So, it only makes sense for them to design the perfect socks to slide into their shoes. Introducing the new Skechers socks to our website was a great idea. The high quality and comfort of a sketchers shoe has been expertly carried over into their new sock ... Read more


Calvin Klein Socks Multipacks | Socks Selections Simplified

While many are focussed on their "new year new me" resolutions (sorry I couldn't resist), a lot of us are just chugging on how we were before. I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with that. Whether you are starting a new fitness journey, cutting out a bad habit, or changing nothing, we are all setting ourselves up for (hopefully) a better year than the last. Generally, I believe ... Read more


Calvin Klein men's socks for Christmas? New-In Autumn/Winter 2021

Here we go again! New products are always being delivered to us. The grind never stops and it is great. The brand new Calvin Klein collection for autumn/winter this year has finally reached the station and it is looking absolutely gorgeous. We cannot wait for you to have a look. In this blog post I will be taking you through a quick overview of the new Calvin Klein men's socks range as well as... Read more


Levi's Men's Boxers & Gift Boxes | The perfect Christmas gift

A big statement. I know. The perfect Christmas gift. Can you really ever have a perfect Christmas gift when there are so many different types of people in the world? Well, no. Probably not. But, if your person fits into the sock lover, comfort lover or in need of new underwear category. Then you have struck gold! Levi's at include a seriously good selection of products which are so ... Read more


Your Autumn Look Book Taken Care Of | UNDERU

Autumn. We all know what it’s like. One minute you are freezing cold, the next, you wish you didn’t bring that coat with you. While it can be totally unpredictable, Autumn fashion is one of the best. Layers, cozy accessories, BOOTS, need I say more? We have created an Autumn essential’s list that will make it easy to get yourself ready for the colder months to come. Check out Vogue's take on t... Read more


Happy Socks Gift Box | Perfect gift boxes for any man or woman

Are Happy Socks the perfect sock brand for gifting? Maybe. You'll have to take a look for yourself to find out. It is safe to say that a Happy Socks gift box outshines many other gift sets by booming with outrageously fun themes. But, are they 10x better than all of our other brands? Not necessarily. Honestly, it really depends on what you are looking for. Happy Socks really know how to please... Read more


Paul Smith Men's Socks | Luxury Socks + Gift Ideas

Paul Smith Men's Socks are one of our favourites here at UNDERU. We fell absolutely in love with the brand many years ago and clearly our customers have too. Their sock shape and feel is incredible. The sock designs, colours and patterns are simply stunning. Luckily for you, we have hand picked a great selection from the leading English designer Paul Smith men's sock range that our customers a... Read more


Happy Socks Advent Calendar Competition

Win THE Men's Socks Advent Calendar of 2019... Our Happy Socks Advent Calendar has flown out the door this year, and we aren't surprised. Adult Advent Calendars are fast becoming a huge trend each Christmas. Gone are the days when you opened a cardboard picture of Father Christmas, now there are a whole host of amazing ways to count down to the big day. For anyone that loves men's socks th... Read more


Odd Sock Day 2019. Buy your Mismatched Men's Socks...

WHAT IS ODD SOCKS DAY? Odd Socks Day forms part of Anti-Bullying Week. It is a chance to celebrate that we are all unique. Simply wear your odd socks on Tuesday 12th November. Millions of children and adults will be taking part across the country. Our Polo Ralph Lauren socks are perfect for Odd Sock Day, they have a cute bear on one and a classic Ralph Lauren crest on the other - the best ki... Read more


Father's Day 2019 - Top 10 sock gift sets for your Dad

The gift that every Dad wants to receive for Father's Day 2019...socks! Our top 10 sock gift sets for your DadIt's a well known fact that once a man becomes a Father, something genetically changes and he absolutely loves to receive a pair of socks for any celebration. So the one day in the year when your Dad should be King (aka Father's Day), there is only one gift you need think of...yes that'... Read more


So many Socks! Why not browse our latest summer mens sock brands today

Men's Socks & Men's Designer Socks The older I get, the more I appreciate a new pair of socks.  There is something so rejuvenating about stepping into a brand new pair, an instant mood lifter if you like.  While most of us may not be able to have a new pair each day, if you buy a quality pair such as Calvin Klein mens socks then they will stay looking and feeling new for months.    Our cu... Read more


Ted Baker Men's Socks – The AW15 Collection @ UNDERU

You can always rely on Ted to add a bit of quirkiness into your life!!. This AW15 seasonal collection of  Ted Baker men's socks is full of quirky and interesting prints from the 'No Ordinary Designer', and manages to add that little bit of quirkiness to your outfit. Ted Baker... finger lickin chicken hot men's socks this AW15!! The "Henley" chicken print sock in blue and teal blue is UNDERU's f... Read more

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