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MuseARTa Socks


New to UNDERU. Yes, you heard that right. Exciting times. The UNDERU website is proud to introduce a new brand to its collection. We simply cannot wait to share it with you. Wear luxury socks in style with MuseARTa socks. Luxury socks are a growing sector in the luxury fashion industry. If you wear high quality premium clothing on the rest of your body why wouldn't you wear it on your feet. Think about it, your feet deserve to feel good. After all they do carry us around all day. However, MuseARTa socks are not just your ordinary luxury socks.

MuseARTa socks logo screenshot

MuseARTa Socks at UNDERU

MuseARTa socks will catch your eye, whether you're an art fanatic or not. Have you ever worn art on your feet? Truly these are unlike any luxury socks on the market. MuseARTa takes real art and transforms your average sock into an absolute masterpiece. From Banksy inspired socks to Van Gogh, and everything in between. There is a story behind every piece of art. Though, you don't have to know about that to love these socks. We do not promote clothes with a short life. High quality stitching goes into each MuseARTa sock. In fact, these socks have an unparalleled attention to detail due to the machinery used. Think about one needle. Now, think about a machine equipped with 200 needles. Though MuseARTa socks don't just look great. The cotton and elastane blend has super soft and stretchy qualities which provides you with elusive comfort.

What to pick?

Firstly, we decided to go for a stunning collection including a collection of the most popular designs. This includes the socks Brandalised featuring Graffiti by Banksy. Banksy is an artist known worldwide for being an anonymous graffiti artist. They create masterpieces of art in the streets. Each containing an important message. Within this sock collection you will find pieces based on Banksy's most iconic artworks.

A picture showing one of the MuseARTa sock artists - Banksy
An example of art by Banksy

Next, we decided to get a selection of Vincent Van Goph designs. Van Goph was a Dutch painter and is known to be "the most recognized painter of all time". In fact, a lot of his artwork is known to be priceless. People travel across the world to see his art in museums around the world. One being the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. MuseARTa have presented his artwork on socks in the most beautiful way. Therefore, we have picked some of his most famous pieces for you to pick. Of course, you'll find a bunch more stunning socks in the range, take your pick!

A picture showing one of the MuseARTa sock artists - Vincent Van Gogh
An example of art by Vincent Van Gogh

These wonderful socks are ideal for any gender as long as your foot fits! As well as that, these are amazing for gifting. Thus, check out the brand new MuseARTa men's and women's socks collection over on

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