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BOSS Waffle

Waffles are in. And I am not referring to ice cream cones. Although those are in too. We are in Summer after all. The waffle I am referring to is a fabric texture that has taken the world by storm. We are finding it as part of so many brand's collections. As part of summer collections as well as winter. In fact, it's being used on all sorts of products such as jogging bottoms, lounge shorts, b... Read more


BOSS Mix And Match Loungewear

Lounge season is close approaching. In fact, those of you situated in the United Kingdom are already in it. While a lot of the world have been experiencing soaring heat waves, England is drenched in rain and blustery winds. Therefore, lounging is well and truly underway. Lounge wear is the utmost important clothing to stock up on during the year. And, it matters what lounge wear you pick. Trus... Read more


Hugo Boss Sale | Is this the best sale yet?

Our Hugo Boss menswear sale is officially live. What better time to stock up on luxury pieces than now. Whether you want to get some winter steals or get prepared for summer, our Hugo Boss sale will have you covered. And, for an impeccable price. It's not often we put so much Hugo Boss products on sale and so this is really your chance to make the most of it. Hugo Boss Sale at UNDERU Hugo ... Read more


BOSS Socks | Multipacks to upgrade your life...

It's never too early to begin your Spring cleaning. You know, sorting out those drawers and cupboards that have accumulated so much stuff over the past year. Tidying, giving away, and selling the things you really don't need. I think it's safe to say that if you haven't used it in over a year, are you really going to use it? This goes for most items in the home. But, especially in your wardrob... Read more


BOSS Bathrobe | What is the ultimate men's post shower routine?

Stepping into a BOSS bathrobe is the ideal post shower clothing. When you get out of the shower the last thing you want is to be shivering cold for any longer than 10 seconds. So, easily take the stress off your day with a BOSS men's bathrobe. The silky smooth cotton fabrication feels great on the skin. And, it will help you get from A to B without having to worry about other house occupants, ... Read more


BOSS Clothing | Spring/Summer 2022 Collection | Deep Dive

Neutrals are in for spring and we simply can't get enough. Hopefully you are too. Explore a hefty new BOSS clothing, underwear, swimwear and socks collection now. Why pick BOSS clothing? So, this year it is evident that consumers are becoming more and more aware of their impact on the planet and their pocket. What i mean by that is a lot of people are ditching the cheap convenient fashi... Read more


Our favourite Hugo Boss underwear for Christmas

It's a festive checkmate this season with Hugo Boss underwear... Our Winter Hugo Boss Underwear has landed on site and it's chock-full of perfect Christmas presents.  Red and black hues dominate the collection with some red tartan and inky baroque prints thrown in for good measure.  Hugo Boss are never shy to flash their logo, and why would they?  Their discreet yet punchy logo sits proudl... Read more


Hugo Boss Underwear SS17

Simple, sexy and stylish.  Hugo Boss men's underwear SS17 has arrived... Hugo Boss underwear are celebrated for their iconic designs and premium quality; they transformed the staple boxer trunk with their premium stretch-cotton blend technology and continue to pave the way in men's underwear design.  We all know the saying that German people are known for their attention to detail, well it cert... Read more


10 Sexiest female underwear models

Last time we featured the worlds sexiest male underwear models, so it's only fair we feature the ladies too. Only when you actually research this subject do you realise just how many hot female underwear models there are, and I mean seriously hot.  So feast your eyes on this; our top 10 sexiest female underwear models... 1, Gisele Bündchen One of the last real supermodels... Read more


New-in Hugo Boss Spring Summer '16 Collection - now at UNDERU

The latest fashion collection from Hugo Boss underwear & Hugo Boss Swimwear is always a seasonal highlight for us at UNDERU. And this season's collection from Hugo is no exception. Spring Summer 2016 Hugo Boss Underwear & Men's Swimwear Selection - our biggest collection yet! Spring Summer '16 has it all from Hugo Boss. And ridiculously, we still have a high summer collection still to c... Read more


New In: Men's Underwear at UNDERU

Looking for the very latest Men's underwear styles?  Shop our highlights here... We have some fantastic new designer men's underwear in at the moment.  With so many products coming in each month we decided to ask our buyer what his favourite styles were, after all he knows men's underwear better than anyone. Here is what he had to say... "This season Bjorn Borg have used lots of colour blocking... Read more


From Hugo Boss Underwear to 007...

Our favourite Hugo Boss Men's Underwear model looks like he has sold enough underwear. His face was once described as being able to sell Men's Underwear to nudists, but now Theo James is rumoured to be the next James Bond, and we can't help but wonder if his amazing Hugo Boss campaign clinched the deal for him. Twitter was flooded with tweets about the rumour and there has even been a Facebook... Read more


Men's Designer T-Shirts

Men's T-Shirts at UNDERU The humble t-shirt is having a moment.  With a move to the minimal Scandinavian look and an emphasis on quality over quantity, a well cut men's t-shirt is going to be one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe.  These are a few of our favourites but view our whole collection here. We love this Hugo Boss men's t-shirt for it's super flattering fit.  The narrow ne... Read more


Our Top 10 Men's Underwear Models

UNDERU's Top Men's Underwear Models Sometimes writing this blog is exhausting.  I mean imagine having to compile a list of the top 10 hottest male models on the planet?  I know, I's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. It's hard enough looking amazing in just your underwear, but our top 10 manage to do so and then some.  These aren't your average cookie-cutter models, these guys al... Read more


Cyber Monday special - 20% off all Hugo Boss orders today

The term "Cyber Monday" dates back to 2005 and relates to the Monday after America's Thanksgiving holiday when millions of workers returned back to work and their high-speed internet access... and promptly went online shopping!! Keeping up with this contemporary tradition, an incongruous word pairing we like, we are offering a Cyber Monday special 20% off all HUGO BOSS orders Simply enter the ... Read more

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