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BOSS Clothing | Spring/Summer 2022 Collection | Deep Dive


Neutrals are in for spring and we simply can't get enough. Hopefully you are too. Explore a hefty new BOSS clothing, underwear, swimwear and socks collection now.

Why pick BOSS clothing?

So, this year it is evident that consumers are becoming more and more aware of their impact on the planet and their pocket. What i mean by that is a lot of people are ditching the cheap convenient fashion and replacing their wardrobe with slightly more expensive high quality fashion. This reduces the turnover of clothes in your wardrobe. While, ultimately saving you money. Think about it. Would a cheap as chips t-shirt last as long as one that is slightly more expensive but crafted with premium fabrication, with precision by experts. The answer is up to consideration. BOSS men's clothing this year is all about gathering a selection of staple pieces that you will be able to wear again and again.

A picture taken from the SS22 campaign for BOSS men's clothing
BOSS SS22 Clothing Campaign

Hugo Boss has been around for decades. Therefore, BOSS truly know what they are doing. Whether that's evolving with fashion trends or by simply designing a very well done product. There is a reason BOSS is one of our top sellers here at UNDERU. I bet you're dying to know what to look out for in the new Boss clothing, underwear, swimwear and socks collection for 2022. Have it be known that this year Hugo Boss are turning heads with this new collection. Drum roll please...

BOSS Clothing SS22: Features

Generally, BOSS keep it simplistic and clean with the majority of their collections. This is because this easy styling is highly popular at the moment. Although, it is not unheard of for daring prints and colours to pop through. In fact, BOSS like to include some outrageous prints. Think back to the banana print swim shorts... You either love it, hate it, or are intrigued by it but won't dare to wear it. This spring you will find a huge array of new and improved clothing, swimwear, socks, and underwear. The choice of colours this year are gorgeous. Explore Earth browns, bright blues, clean whites, and classic blacks throughout the collection.

A picture taken from the SS22 campaign for BOSS clothing modelled by Kendal Jenner

BOSS SS22 Clothing Campaign - Modelled by Kendal Jenner

BOSS Men's Clothing 2022

Evidently, we are proudly growing our BOSS men's clothing range each season. We hand pick an incredible selection of loungewear including BOSS men's t-shirts, BOSS men's lounge shorts, BOSS hoodies, BOSS men's sweatshirts, BOSS men's jogging bottoms, and more. All of which can be worn as loungewear or dressed up for outerwear - especially the t-shirts. All of our BOSS t-shirts feature Hugo Boss branding in a variety of designs. The fabrication is soft, stretchy, breathable, and perfect for everyday wear. Some of our BOSS men's t--shirts even have UV-Protective materials so that you can wear them without fuss throughout spring and summer. Our BOSS lounge joggers and shorts all feature the staple Hugo Boss branding and can be paired up with a t-shirt and matching BOSS men's hoodie. Again, the logo designs differ and each piece will be flattering and oh so comfortable.

BOSS Men's Swim Shorts 2022

Next, it would be rude not to mention our impressive BOSS men's swim shorts range. If you haven't tried them already I would love to know what you are waiting for. Ideal for holidays abroad and staycations. BOSS swimmers are so stylish you may not even want to pack a normal pair of shorts. Each swim short is made using soft, quick-drying, comfortable fabrication that will not fade when washed according to the correct instructions. (Find those on the garment or ask our customer service team for assistance). Every BOSS men' swim short is lined for added support and designed to be slightly sporty. Some feature a classic drawstring waist. An Absolute staple in any man's summer drobe.

BOSS Men's Underwear 2022

Well well well, have BOSS done it again this year? You can be the real judge of that but the UNDERU team LOVE the new collection. Spring and summer usually entails more colour in your clothing. BOSS have done it right this year by keeping it clean and classy while adding pops of colour into the mix. Find a great range of amazing-value multipacks that feature multiple designs in one, some with pops of khaki and orange. Or, pick from a selection of single packs, ideal for gifting. Gifting yourself that is... Pick from a variety of patterns including stunning floral prints. All BOSS men's boxer trunks are made to be comfy, supportive, and stylish.

There you have it. A brand new BOSS collection for you to explore just in time for spring 2022! Browse the growing range HERE.

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