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BOSS Waffle


Waffles are in. And I am not referring to ice cream cones. Although those are in too. We are in Summer after all. The waffle I am referring to is a fabric texture that has taken the world by storm. We are finding it as part of so many brand's collections. As part of summer collections as well as winter. In fact, it's being used on all sorts of products such as jogging bottoms, lounge shorts, bathrobes, and t-shirts. In this post I will be exploring the waffle fabric and presenting a few stylish waffle clothing options from our store here at UNDERU. With BOSS waffle clothing as the focus. Do you wear waffle? Is waffle the new ribbed?


BOSS has an incredible selction of waffle clothing that's super stylish. Thus, lets take a look at some options that are bound to enter your shopping basket this month.

Firstly, what even is waffle? If you've never seen a waffle fabric or heard of it. Here is all you need to know. Waffle fabrication is mostly designed using cotton. It is woven in a waffle-like knit which makes the fabric extra absorbent. It also aids with breathability and remains super stretchy and soft to the touch. While the texture may look uncomfortable, it couldn't be farther from the truth. Similarly, ribbed fabric may look rough but is usually just as soft as its smooth counterpart. In fact, BOSS waffle fabric is undeniably soft. The waffle texture itself looks jsut like the waffle cone you get with gelato. You'll find small squares across the fabric which gives a raised look. Thus, making your everage jersey fabric look a bit more interesting.
Why go for waffle? Thinking about interior design. It works a lot like adding a texture wall or some panelling to a basic wall. It adds something different to the room, breaks up the wall, and ultimately looks more expenive and stylish. Waffle fabrication works just like that with your outfit. It adds a different texture to your look and can make your look more stylish and interesting.

Waffle Jersey T-shirts

BOSS waffle t-shirt, Navy
BOSS Waffle Jersey T-Shirt, Navy
Code: 24605

Was £39.00 - NOW £26.00

BOSS waffle jersey t-shirts are a fantastic option if you are looking for a long lasting t-shirt thats a bit more snazzy than your average t-shirt. BOSS have perfected their waffle fabrication ensuring that it is super smooth and stretchy. While also keeping its waffle shape after many many washes. Waffle fabric is designed using soft cotton and elastane. In addition, as mentioned previously, the waffle texture makes it super absorbent and breathable which is ideal for a Summer t-shirt. You'll find simple styling on our BOSS waffle t-shirts. This is because the fabrication texture is already doing all the work. Thus, see classic BOSS logo detailing on the chest embroidered in tonal or contrasting threads. All available in a classic crew neck shape which is the most popular t-shirt design on the market.

Waffle Jersey Lounge Shorts

BOSS jersey waffle shorts
Waffle Jersey Lounge Shorts, Grey Melange
Code: 24604


Next, BOSS waffle jersey shorts. Fancy a whole waffle loo? You can really become the icecream cne with BOSS waffle. Along with fantastic waffle t-shirts, BOSS have designed matching waffle lounge shorts to complete your look. However, if that's a waffle overload for you, no need to worry. BOSS have specially designed their clothing collections to be super wearable and pairable. Meaning that any old BOSS jersey t-shirt will look brilliant with their new waffle shorts.

BOSS waffle jersey lounge shorts sport the same waffle fabrication as their t-shirts. Thus, perfectly breathable for Summer. Although these shorts are perfect for lounging, they also go great during most activities. Because of the wafgfle texture it makes the shorts look more put together and less loungy. Therefore, pair them up with a BOSS t-shirt or vest to go shopping, host a BBQ, or spend a day out at the seaside. Or, due to the super soft fabrication, wear these to lounge in all year round. BOSS jersey lounge shorts feature simple BOSS logo details on the leg as well as two side slash pockets. Also, each pair has a super stretchy waistband for comfort and an adjustable drawstring waist.

Waffle Bathrobes

BOSS waffle bathrobe
BOSS Waffle Kimono Jersey Dressing Gown, Black
Code: 24762


Now that we are slowly moving into Autumn, BOSS have began releasing their brand new Autumn Winter collection for 2023. Therefore, we already have some brand new BOSS waffle bathrobes. Waffle robes have been done before and they're ever so popular. And, it makes total sense. The extra absorbancy that a waffle fabrication brings makes it absolutely perfect for a bathrobe. Wack on your new BOSS robe straight out the shower and you'll be dry in no time. Our BOSS men’s bathrobes are designed with great attention to detail. You'll of coruse find the waffle texture all around, even on the belt. In addition, find classic embroidery on the chest with BOSS lettering. These are currently available in white or black. These really do feel luxurious.

BOSS Waffle Jersey Tops & Joggers

BOSS have released a lot of waffle clothing over the last few seasons and will continue to do so for years to come. Therefore, find some fabulous BOSS waffle jogging bottoms as well as jersey tops. A cool texture to add to your outfit. Each pair of BOSS loungewear waffle jogging bottoms sport simple logo details and a flattering cuffed leg design. Each pair is beautifully soft and features a drawstring waist. BOSS waffle jersey tops are similar to their best selling jersey t-shirts in that the fabrication is the same and so is the logo placement. However, the BOSS jersey tops feature long sleeves. Therefore, perfect for date night with your favourite jeans, for layering up in winter, or for the trasnitional period of Autumn.

So, what BOSS waffle is your favourite?

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