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BOSS Socks | Multipacks to upgrade your life...


It's never too early to begin your Spring cleaning. You know, sorting out those drawers and cupboards that have accumulated so much stuff over the past year. Tidying, giving away, and selling the things you really don't need. I think it's safe to say that if you haven't used it in over a year, are you really going to use it? This goes for most items in the home. But, especially in your wardrobe. Spring cleaning can also be a great time to throw out the old, and introduce the new. Socks are a great example of that. Do you really need to keep that sock with a hole in the sole? Do you really need to keep that lonely sock that not been paired up for the entire year? Solution = BOSS socks.

If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe then our BOSS collection is a great place to start. Socks are an easy one. And, BOSS socks are a fantastic choice.


Hugo Boss have been perfecting their craft for decades. That's why you'll find great quality products with attention to detail across their collections. In this post we are taking focus on their sock range. An undeniably brilliant selection. In fact, at UNDERU we hold over 25 packs to choose from. Now, I say packs because the majority of BOSS socks are available in handy multipacks. This ensures that you get more bang for your buck. Hugo Boss men's socks are crafted using a premium cotton blend that provides a soft feel, great stretch, breathability, and lasting comfort. No one likes a crunchy sock. Each pair features an interwoven BOSS logo for a sleek finish. If you are looking to refresh your sock drawer, BOSS socks will make that happen.

Is it really worth it?

Available in trainer socks, crew socks and sports socks. Whatever your need, Hugo Boss socks will have you covered. While it may seem easier to buy the cheapest socks on the market from places such as Primark, or a supermarket, are these socks really going to be worth it in the long run? At UNDERU, we strongly believe that investing in good quality pieces will stay with you for longer and therefore be a cheaper option for you. Take a BOSS sock as an example. Buying a 5-pack, such as the one below, may seem like an expensive purchase. However, when taking into consideration its properties, your opinion may swerve. The below BOSS multipack is currently on sale which takes the total of each sock to about £3.70. A premium long lasting product. So, spending a bit more on products like this will ensure less repeat purchases over your lifetime.

Thus, spending less and saving money. The cheap as chips socks you may steer towards will not necessarily be as long lasting as you would like. Thus, encouraging you to buy more of them as signs of damage begin to show. In turn, this will make you spend more money than you would have if you bought the nice BOSS socks.

BOSS men's socks 5-Pack available at UNDERU.
BOSS 5-Pack Assorted Trainer Socks, Navy/Blue/White/Grey
Code: 22940


BOSS socks are currently available in a variety of colours and designs. Most recently, we have introduced a new range of BOSS socks gift boxes. These obviously make a great gift. But, they are also great to buy for yourself. Why? You'll be saving money by getting socks in a multipack. And, you'll also get a great branded box to use for storage in your home. Plus, these gift boxes offer you various designs in one pack which makes it nice and easy to spice up your sock collection. Whether you're starting your Spring clean early, or if you just want some nice new socks, we hope that our BOSS men's socks collection is what you're looking for!

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