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SAXX Socks - Protect Your Balls


It's important! The balls of your feet don't know what they're missing. As you may know by now SAXX men's underwear features specially designed technology to give your balls the most elusive comfort possible. Balls of your feet are just as important. Therefore, SAXX, AKA balls experts, set out to develop the most ball friendly socks on the market. Not only will the balls of you feet feel boastfully better wearing SAXX men's socks, but, the whole of your foot will thank you. We are on our feet all day after all. Explore our SAXX Whole Package Socks available at UNDERU.

What are SAXX socks?

Firstly, in short, SAXX socks are specially designed socks for the ultimate sock to foot experience. These socks make good sports socks look pathetic. In fact, these socks make all socks look pathetic. With a variety of special features and awesome colour and pattern options available we can see these socks becoming your new favourites.

What do they feature?

Where do we even start. First off lets get the idea out of your head that these socks are just socks. because, it's simply not true. If these socks were to be a movie character they would be the "I can fix that" guy from Holes the movie. If you know, you know.


Starting with stability. Did you know you can get socks to help enhance your stability? Well, SAXX socks do just that. SAXX men's socks feature a superb cushioned sole that makes you feel like you're walking on air. In addition, the cushion adds some stability to your foot aiding your performance and adding comfort to your day. This cushioning design has added arch support too for the ultimate comfort experience.


Next, let's talk sweat. Do you get sweaty feet? SAXX socks are brilliant at letting your feet breathe, from heel to toe. Each sock is designed using 40% BodyFresh Nylon, 37% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 3% Elastane. A blend for champions. This fabrication blend is moisture wicking, odour resisant, and allows for natural breathability. Thus, keeping your feet fresher for longer.

Blister Prevention

After that we have a factor that's not so talked about in the sock industry. Blisters. Ever been on a hike or travelling around the city when you get a massive blister at the back of your hee?. Is there anything worse? You start to question whether to take your shoes off before it gets worse or to just brave it and deal with the aftermath later. Luckily, in SAXX socks you'll find a unique modified back tab which is specially designed to reduce your chance of developing blisters. A feature you never knew you needed.

Designed to surpass your average every day sock so that you can seize every day feeling your best. Browse our SAXX socks today! 

SAXX low cut socks

SAXX really do think of everything. Therefore, you'll find 2 sock lengths to pick from. The low cut option is a firm favourite especially during summer. We have the below colours available as well as a super vibrant blue stripes option.

Socks socks 2-pack
SAXX 2-Pack Whole Package Geo Pattern Liner Socks, Black/Burgundy
Code: 23055

Saxx Whole package socks

Also, you'll see a classic crew sock length. A great option all year round. Our SAXX crew socks are currently available in a few colours. The below single pack in blue stripes, a burgundy geometric design, as well as a 3-pack camouflage version.

SAXX Whole Package Rugby Splash Sock, Blue
Code: 23058


Who are SAXX?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again. SAXX are the most underrated brand ever. We stand by them completely with the products they sell and their approach to menswear. The customer is always at the forefront. In fact, your balls, are always at the forefront. While SAXX are the most popular underwear brand in the whole of North America, it is no secret that SAXX men's underwear is not as well known here in the UK. Why you ask? We don't know. But, we want to change that fact. And, we do know that SAXX is the most comfortable brand on the market for your balls. Buy it, try it, and thank us later. Seriously. You won't be disappointed.

Whether you're already into SAXX for their life changing underwear, or if you're completely new to SAXX, it's a great idea to check out their new sock collection and get the balls of your feet feeling better.

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