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Duchamp Socks | How are socks made?


How are socks made? Do you already know? Has it ever crossed your mind? Well, today we will be exploring the art of making the socks we wear on our feet every day. As well as that, we will be taking a deep dive into Duchamp Socks here at UNDERU. A premium collection of men's socks (women's too if the size fits!) that are covered in gorgeous patterns.

Duchamp: The Brand

Before we take a look at how socks are made lets look at one of our most premium sock brands here at UNDERU. Duchamp. Duchamp is a well known brand that we have recently started stocking. Their socks are extremely luxurious and look fantastic all year round. With lots of creative use of colours and patterns available these are bound to bring some excitement to your sock drawer.

Duchamp began back in 1989 in London with a focus of creating directional menswear and accessories which epitomises accessible luxury. Their socks are a great example of that. The name Duchamp is inspired by the famous French painter and sculptor, Marcel Duchamp, who made a huge impact on art and sculpting during his life and beyond. Duchamp, the brand, focuses on using paint-like patterns which are inspired heavily by the artist's work. the brand's designs are unlike others on the market and are made to feel luxury.

Duchamp sock example
DUCHAMP Vertical Stripe Bamboo Socks, Soft Blue
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How are socks made?

While I will present to you the way socks are made I must also mention that Duchamp, as like many other brands, do not share their exact methods of manufacturing and so this guide is not necessarily the way Duchamp create their premium socks. In fact, there are loads of different manufacturing methods for socks. So, with this in mind, lets see how to make a sock.

Firstly, socks used to be knitted by hand but as with a lot of manufacturing, it is now mainly done by machines.

Step 1: Pick your thread.

Socks start as reels of cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester. Sock makers pick from a vast selection of colours and thickness depending on the sock they want to create. The chosen threads are then fed into a machine that's designed specifically for making socks quickly and efficiently.

Step 2: Load up the machine

To get the cylinder shape of a sock the sewing machine features special circular sewing heads that contain multiple needles. Each needle in the machine has its own reel of thread that is loaded into the machine by hand. Socks made up of lots of colours such as Duchamp socks will have multiple coloured threads fed in. The mass of needles will then weave these threads into into thread cylinders at lightning speed. Once the basic sock tubes are ready, the unfinished socks are automatically removed from the machine, and one end is sewn closed to make the "toe". However, often the toe of a sock is hand-linked as it provides more comfort for the wearer.

Step 3: Toughen the thread

At this stage the socks are stretched over frames by humans and a layer of paste is added to the sole areas of the socks. They are then fed though another machine that heats up the paste to get in between all the fibres. This process makes socks durable and long-lasting.

Step 4: Wash and quality check

Next, the socks are washed in a massive machine and then individually placed over metal legs for a quality check. All the socks that pass the quality check are then ready to be paired up, packaged, and sold

So, that is the basic step to step guide for how a sock is made. Who knew how much work could go into the socks we wear every day.

Duchamp Socks at UNDERU

Our Duchamp socks collection is composed of many different patterned socks in a lovely variety of colours. Crafted using a wonderfully soft and snug blend of cotton for all-day comfort. Adding fun and colour to your sophisticated look. Finished with the Duchamp logo printed to the toe in contrasting colour. These socks are great as a gift as well as for treating yourself. In fact, if you are looking for a Duchamp gift, we now stock a lovely socks 2-pack which is packaged up in presentation packaging. A premium pair of socks worth investing in!

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