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Happy Socks Single Sock Competition Winners.


Happy socks single socks are the go-to fun sock option around the world. In fact, Happy Socks are our most popular fun socks that we sell. With crazy designs, vibrant colours, and high quality stitching, you can see why. To celebrate National Give Something Away Day this year we held a superb competition. This competition involved giving away 5 Happy Socks single socks to 5 very lucky winners. In this post we will be showing off the winner's Happy Socks single sock choices. Would you have chosen the same? Keep reading to find out!

About our Happy Socks Single Sock Competition

Since National Give Something Away Day involves giving something away to either those who need it or just because you can. We thought, why not join in this year and give our customers something to look forward to. So, we have given away 5 different Happy Socks single socks to 5 lucky winners. Let's see what they picked.

All 5 winner's choice of socks

Winner's Choices


Cate's choice - Happy Socks Egg Invader Socks, Navy/pink
Code: 23177

Happy Socks egg invader socks

This Happy Socks single sock is a fabulous option by Cate. The Egg invader sock is unlike your average sock. In fact, you'll find glittery stitching across the navy blue section. This adds a star-like look to the sky! A really cool touch by Happy Socks that makes this sock feel extra special. In addition, the fried egg spaceship gives this outer space design a fun Happy Socks twist. You are deemed to get a lot of fun comments while wearing these socks.

Martina's choice - Happy Socks Halloween Monsters Socks, Black
Code: 21404

Happy Socks single sock monsters socks

Next, we have a very funky Happy Socks single sock chosen by Martina for her partner. A spooky choice featuring colourful monsters. But, when you look closer you'll see these socks are covered in monsters you've never seen before. Thus, find a tooth monster, a nose monster, a tea cup monster, a banana monster and much much more! Happy Socks chose a black base for this single sock which makes the monsters really pop.


David's choice - Happy Socks Mountain Gorillas WWF Socks, Black/Orange/Blue
Code: 23195

Happy Socks gorilla socks

After that we have David's Happy Socks single sock choice. A collaborative piece featuring block stripes and a white outline of a gorilla. A very cool option and even cooler that the funds from this sock go straight to WWF charity to help fund their mission. Also, this gorilla Happy Sock is made using organic cotton. Therefore, this sock is a great sustainable option. If you love this pattern why not check out our Happy Socks X WWF 4-pack gift box HERE. In this multipack you'll find 4 awesome socks which were created in partnership with WWF.

Helen's choice - Happy Socks Pizza Love Socks, Black
Code: 21383

Happy Socks single pizza sock

After that, a classic choice picked by Helen, the Happy Socks pizza socks. This style is a part of Happy Sock's core collection which is available all year round due to its popularity. It features peperoni pizza shapes on a black base. A tasty and vibrant option.


Peter's choice - Happy Socks Car Socks, Black/multi
Code: 23175

Vintage car socks

Finally, Peter's choice of Happy Socks single sock is the vintage car socks. A lovely choice featuring colourful vintage cars on a black base. Consequently, the contrast in colour makes the cars really stand out. Also, this cool pair of socks is finished with a colourful heel, toe, and cuff.

So, what do you think of their choices? Would you have gone for the same? Check out our Happy Socks single sock collection today and find up to 51% off our Happy Socks socks. Also, for your chance to win big this year make sure to check out our competitions page. Also, follow our Instagram and Facebook as we run competitions over there too!

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