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Lyle & Scott Socks


Lyle & Scott men's socks can are eagerly waiting for your feet. We have a seriously good men's Lyle & Scott socks range ideal for adding variety or volume to your sock draw. Perfect for all-year round. Do your socks look a bit dull? Is it time for a refresh? Lyle & Scott multipack socks are great value for money and look fabulous.

The Brand

Lyle & Scott is a Scottish knitwear brand founded in 1874, famous globally for its golfing knitwear during the 60s. Now, the brand has adapted and creates fashionable pieces to suit current trends. After many years that have passed by Lyle & Scott shirts are still a gorgeous, fashionable and essential part of every man's wardrobe. Why? Because Lyle & Scott are masters of modern style. They have even said so themselves.

Lyle & Scott socks model image

Features of a Lyle & Scott men's sock

You cannot fault a Lyle & Scott sock. Available in low-cut trainer socks as well as mid-cut crew socks. Every Lyle & Scott sock features a super smooth and sturdy feel. Find the all-famous eagle logo embroidered on every sock within the collection. Unlike some other brands, Lyle & Scott love to give you the best bang for your buck. Choose from a huge range of 5-packs and/or 3-packs involving either one popular colour like white, black, or navy. Or a multipack involving multiple designs and colours. This will really give you the best value for money. And, variety is the spice of life, right? Personally, I love the idea of buying a 5-pack of white socks and pairing them with my summer trainers. This makes it super easy to wear your new white shoes on holiday without having to worry about washing them!

Lyle & Scott sock multipacks are crafted using top of the range materials. Most socks are supportive due to their ribbed texture. This also makes them look great.

Lyle & Scott at UNDERU

Here at UNDERU we offer a huge range of Lyle & Scott clothing, underwear and accessories including Lyle & Scott t-shirts, Lyle & Scott polo shirts and Lyle & Scott shirts. Obviously, this is down to the fact that we just love them. Similar to their amazing socks, premium fabrics are used to form their entire collection of clothing. Truly, the brand use a huge range of different colours and patterns to give a touch of excitement to each range. They have recently started to create extraordinary products that show the modern sporty style that is becoming widely popular today. Thus, explore our entire Lyle & Scott collection today!

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