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MuseARTa Men's Socks


Actual art on your feet. What a phenomenon. MuseARTa men's socks aren't just for men. In fact, they are wearable by anyone as long as your foot fits! Our MuseARTa men's socks are absolutely stunning and each sock features a different piece of famous artwork. However, if you aren't an art fanatic do not worry. You don't need to know the art to love the sock. Thus, in this blog post I will be presenting some of our MuseARTa socks to you. Would you wear art on your feet?

In case you are wondering about sizing of our men's MuseARTa socks you can find the full size guide detailed below.

MuseARTa Men's Socks Size Guide: Small/Medium socks to fit UK shoe size 4.0-7.0 (Eur 36-40, US 5.0-8.0), Medium/Large = UK 7.5-11.5 (Eur 41-46, US 8.5-12.5).

MuseARTa Men's Socks at UNDERU

Firstly, what exactly are MuseARTa socks and what makes them so special? Well, lets take a premium sock. Now, let's take a premium piece of art work. Finally, let's beautifully merge the two and pop them on our feet. That's the birthchild you never knew you needed. MuseARTa are a wondeful sock company that we sell here at UNDERU. They take art to a new level by stitching them with hundreds of needles into cotton socks. Each sock is literal art, whether you know the artist or not you can love these socks for their intricacy.

Here are a few of our men's MuseARTa socks currently available that we have picked out to show you.

Van Gogh

MUSEARTA Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Socks, Blue
Code: 23719


Firstly, a classic. This pair features the famous Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night painting as seen in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. However, this stunning art was created by Van Gogh in 1889 from his asylum room in The Netherlands, just one year before his passing. It is said that Gogh believed this painting to be a failure... So, if only he could see how this painting is praised today. In fact, this artwork is possibly the world's most known artworks. This iconic painting "depicts a dreamy interpretation of the artist's asylum room's sweeping view of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence".  An imaginary village was painted below a rolling night sky full of bright stars just before sunrise. A stunning oil painting that you can now wear on your feet. MuseARTa men's socks have done a great job of capturing this gorgeous painting on their socks.


MUSEARTA Brandalised featuring Graffiti by Banksy Bandage Heart Socks, Grey/red
Code: 23709

After that, let's look at Brandalised featuring Graffiti by Banksy. This pair features "Banksy's" bandage heart artwork found 10 years ago in 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. This stunning plaster-covered heart balloon is a representation of the battle to survive a broken heart. Banksy is a street artist that was first discovered in Bristol, England. Banksy remains completely anonymous . A surprising fact because the artwork made is always found in public areas. Generally, the artist is known to create artwork with a strong message, with dark humour, and often political. You'll find many more MuseARTa men's socks with Banksy-inspired pieces in our collection.

Edvard Munch

MUSEARTA Edvard Munch The Scream Socks, Orange
Code: 23717


Another classic, worn on your feet. This is "The Scream" painted in 1893 by the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. In fact, in Norway the painting is known as "shriek". This piece represents the anxiety of the human condition. It features a figure with an agonised face, screaming. Munch painted this from his own experience walking in nature. In fact, on his walk he sensed an "infinite scream passing through nature" as the sun set with a blood red undertone. The artist went through a lot of battles as he grew up and so his art is often a representation of that. Edvard Munch's artwork continues to gain popularity today due to its relatability. MuseARTa men's socks features excellent colourful stitching to present the beautiful painting on your socks.

MuseARTa Men’s Socks available now!

So, with many more options available, our MuseARTa socks collection is definitely worth a look.

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