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Levi's Men's Boxers & Gift Boxes | The perfect Christmas gift


A big statement. I know. The perfect Christmas gift. Can you really ever have a perfect Christmas gift when there are so many different types of people in the world? Well, no. Probably not. But, if your person fits into the sock lover, comfort lover or in need of new underwear category. Then you have struck gold! Levi's at include a seriously good selection of products which are so perfect for the Christmas season. Brilliant Levi's men's boxers that will impress any man. A glorious choice of high quality socks, some of which are found in presentation packing. Can gifting get any easier?

Men's Levi's Boxers

Levi's are most known for their jeans but I must remind you that the brand's high standards do not stop at the jeans. In fact, all of our Levi's men's boxers, briefs and socks carry the super high quality finish that you desire. Levi's men's boxers are a decent price while packing quality. We have a wide range of prints, styles and multipacks so you can choose the best Levi's boxers for you. Also, many products in the Levi's range during this time of year are packaged in beautiful presentation packing. What more can you ask for? Of course, every single pair of Levi's underwear features their famous branded waistband. This waistband no only looks good, but it also feels great too. Made using premium fabrication and the addition of elastane for a lot of stretch and support.

Levi's men's boxers history image

Levi's the brand

Of course, we all know Levi's jeans. So let's have a little deep dive into where they came from. Levi's took control of the market and filled an important gap. All the way back in 1852, an immigrant named Levi Strauss recognised the need for hard-working clothing. You know, clothes that get you through life. The tough stuff. He and a tailor called Jacob Davi worked together to create clothes that can endure everything. Eventually, this lead to the first ever manufactured waist overalls in 1873. Now, these are known commonly as "blue jeans." That is how Levi's jeans were born. Since then, Levi's have branched out of their comfort zone and have crafted a whole plethora of products. Including but not limited to clothing, shoes, and accessories. The brand's brilliant eye for perfection can be found on all pieces. Browse our range HERE.

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Levi's Socks Gift Box
Code: 22137

Levi's Socks

As mentioned, a lot of Levi's products this year can be found in stunning packaging which are ideal for gifting. Did you know that socks are one of the most gifted items during the holidays? Other than chocolate of course. Nothing can beat chocolate. So, why not make your sock gifting this year better? Choose Levi's for high quality, long lasting and fashionable socks. We have a great selection of Levi's men's socks here at UNDERU. From sporty socks, to classic solids, to mixed patterned socks, all in great-value multipacks. Again,as mentioned with our Levi's men's boxers, these socks are a great price for the quality you get.

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