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Autumn. We all know what it’s like. One minute you are freezing cold, the next, you wish you didn’t bring that coat with you. While it can be totally unpredictable, Autumn fashion is one of the best. Layers, cozy accessories, BOOTS, need I say more? We have created an Autumn essential’s list that will make it easy to get yourself ready for the colder months to come. Check out Vogue's take on this years men's fashion trends.

Autumn Shopping List

  • Beanie
  • Baseball Cap
  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • T-Shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Jumper
  • Belt
  • Boot Socks
  • Scarf
  • Leather Gloves

Each and every one of these items are essential for the perfect Autumn wardrobe. Keep those colours solid and basic if you want to make the most valuable, malleable, and multi-use wardrobe. Doing this will ensure that each product can be used to make many different outfits while keeping your spend as low as possible. Of course, colour and patterns are so important when expressing yourself and livening up your look. So, splash some extra cash on those addition stand-out pieces if you can. It is easy to liven up your outfit with a patterned polo shirt or a coloured scarf. We suggest buying high-quality items that will last you a lifetime.

Autumn outfit idea


A beanie is such an important accessory for Autumn. Depending on where you live Autumn can be super cold. Heat escapes from your head and so a beanie is the best addition to your outfit to keep you warm without adding any extra layers. There's no need to bring out that drowning winter coat just yet. Find below some of our most recent beanies. Another option is a baseball cap. A classic men's baseball cap can look great with an Autumn outfit. Check out the cover image for this blog post for some Autumnal outfit inspo. We have a multitude of caps available HERE at UNDERU.

Autumn beanie idea

BOSS Cotton Wool Beanie Hat, Charcoal
Code: 21572-OneSize
Autumn Beanie idea

PAUL SMITH Zebra Logo Lambswool Beanie, Black
Code: 22080-OneSize
Autumn Beanie idea

LYLE & SCOTT Lambswool Racked Rib Beanie, Grey
Code: 22110-OneSize


Next, it is vital to pick up a basic solid top. These are great all-year round. Block colour keeps it simple and makes it easy to layer. A classic top can be used in many different outfits. Casual or dressed up. Warmer or colder. We love a long sleeve polo-shirt or t-shirt paired with a nice jacket. Take a browse at our long sleeve polo shirts HERE. Find some of our Autumn favourites below.

Autumn Jumper idea

GANTLong-Sleeve Pique Rugger Polo Shirt, Anthracite Melange
Code: 21013
Autumn Jumper idea

FRENCH CONNECTION Lightweight Cotton Polo Jumper, Grey Melange
Code: 20853

Perhaps it gets extremely cold in Autumn where you live. The best fix for that is a warm jumper or hoodie. This layered on top of your outfit is guaranteed to keep you warm underneath your jacket/coat. A jumper looks great under a trench coat, bomber jacket and gilet.Whereas, a hoodie looks great under your leather jacket or puffer jacket. Both are solid options for you to pick from. has a boastful number of hoodies and jumpers that are bound to end up in your wardrobe this Autumn.

Autumn outfit idea

Autumn Accessories

Accessories are so important when it comes to styling any outfit. The fun part about Autumn is that it is the perfect month for adding things like belts, gloves, hats and scarves. These additions crank your outfit up a notch. First, a scarf. Finding yourself a basic scarf is a great piece to add to your Autumn wardrobe. A scarf will dress up your outfit perfectly whilst also keeping you nice and toasty if you need it. On the contrary, it is easy to remove when the weather takes a turn and decides to feel more like summer in the peak afternoon. You know how it is.

Gloves look great when paired with a nice coat. It goes without saying that they keep your fingers from dropping off during Autumn/Winter. Your hands will thank you when you choose to wear gloves on those crisp mornings. Find below some of our top selling gloves here at UNDERU.

Autumn Gloves idea

BOSSGrifin Leather Gloves, Chocolate Brown
Code: 17798
Autumn Gloves idea

CALVIN KLEIN Plate Logo Leather Touchscreen Gloves, Black
Code: 18821

Belts are essential for any time of year. However, we included them in this list because I bet you need a new one. Accessories like a belt keeps up your favourite jeans or tailored trousers. A belt can also add a classy touch to your look. Find below a snippet from our belt range here at UNDERU.

Autumn Belt Idea

BOSS Galliz Finest Italian Leather Reversible Belt Gift Set, Black
Code: 21574-OneSize
Autumn Belt idea

BOSS Clorio Italian Woven Belt with leather details, Brown
Code: 21576

Finally, socks. Socks are an essential for any time of year but they are especially important in the colder months. When you start to bring out those winter boots you will in turn need some boot socks. Boot socks peaking out of your favourite boots is a stunning look for Autumn. Match your socks with your jacket or beanie to tie your outfit all together. Find below some of our boot socks. Explore our outstanding sock collection HERE.

Autumn Sock idea

BIRKENSTOCK Cotton Twist Thick Boot Socks, Light Taupe
Code: 19241
Autumn sock idea

BOSSSpeckled Pattern Wool Silk Mix Boot Socks, Navy
Code: 9596-OneSize

There you have it. Your Autumn shopping list is officially sorted. No matter what your style is, these Autumn essentials will have you feeling and looking great this Autumn.

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