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Jamie Oliver REALLY Loves SAXX!!!


We can't believe it was a year ago that super Chef Jamie Oliver spoke about his love for SAXX. He spoke on the popular podcast "Off Menu" with Ed gamble and James Acaster back in September 2021. During the podcast Jamie began talking about the brand and how he buys them for all his staff members. This story was then picked up by the main stream media and even landed on ITV's Loose Women.

"If you haven't worn them then, SAXX will improve your life!"

Well, this week Jamie struck again on Heart FM's breakfast show. Speaking with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, musician John Legend asked "boxers or briefs" to a quick fire question. "Have you not discovered these boys (showing his SAXX boxers). "They are literally the most comfortable things ever - they will improve your life". High praise (again!!) indeed from the TV Chef. He continued, "I found them and didn't believe (the brand), then I tried them on and my eyes widened!"

"It hugs you in ways you always wanted to be hugged" - Jamie Oliver talking about SAXX boxers...

Jamie then went on to say he had instantly gone out and bought them for all his crew. He said "They are not boxers or briefs; but they have this special technology". "It hugs you in ways you always wanted to be hugged. "They sound pretty special, replied Amanda Holden. Jamie said "but honestly i'm not even lying - they are a gamechanger".

Thanks Jamie! Buy your SAXX here

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