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The 5 best pairs of men's underwear this Summer


With Summer in full swing, men's underwear needs to work that little bit harder...

Men's underwear comes into it's own in the Summer months. Fabrications and fit are emphasised more than ever. If it didn't feel comfortable when it's 15c, then it sure as hell isn't going to when it hits 35c and you're stuck on the underground for an hour. We've complied a few key underwear pointers, to keep you cool and comfortable this August.
Think shape and fit here. If you’re not a fan of underwear that rides up too high, go for a boxer brief with a longer leg and a snug fit, like compression underwear that’s perfect for the gym.
When it comes to the length of your underwear, it mostly comes down to preference, unless we’re talking about performance underwear to sport during your grueling workouts. Chances are you’ll want a longer leg to prevent thigh chafing, which will also come in handy during the sweaty days of summer.
Lastly, if you’re constantly finding yourself having one of those awkward junk adjusting moments, check for boxer briefs and trunks with contour pouches that will help hold your man bits from moving around too freely. Saxx underwear are our favourite, read all about their ball-park technology here.
Saxx UnderwearFabric
Cotton is breathable and easy to care for, but if you’re looking for something a little more modern, go for a blend with nylon or spandex. Nylon is moisture-wicking and a little spandex in the fabric helps for movement and comfort.
Another great option is Modal or MicroModal fabric. Made from beech tree, this incredibly soft fabric feels like nothing your junk has ever felt before. It’s lightweight, has a silky feel to it, and also is shrink-resistant and moisture-wicking. Hanro are one of our men's underwear designers that use Modal.
Hanro Boxer Trunks

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