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SAXX Men's Boxer Trunks - Cozy balls... What's more to love?


Undies are like the building blocks of a good day. A bad underwear day almost always equates to a bad day. Why you ask? Because a bad underwear day goes a little like this. You roll out of bed in the morning still delirious from the not-so-long sleep you had last night and hop in the shower. Your slightly more awake self proceeds to open your chaotic underwear drawer only to find that your out of your good pants. Either they're in the wash, still on the floor… or you just don't own a pair of SAXX men's boxer trunks. From there you slip on your undies and with little pouch support you continue on with your morning routine. Not so bad right? Wrong!

Are SAXX boxer trunks worth the hype?

Cycling or driving to work, you find you've re-arranged yourself over 3 times. During your short walk to the office you notice that your balls have gone in an uncomfortable position but it's too busy to get in there to fix it. Later that day, during an important meeting, you find yourself heavily distracted by the pinching feeling of your balls that have once again settled in the wrong place. This builds on your anger throughout the day and causes your mood to swing. You find yourself snapping at your co-workers over the smallest of things. Not only is your mood affected from ill-fitting boxers but as is your concentration and motivation to work. Better underwear calls for a more productive and positive day. Without a doubt, you will notice the difference in SAXX men's underwear.


Of course, the above example is not necessarily the exact experience you have. But, it's safe to say that in SAXX men's boxer trunks, all the mentioned faults will be completely wand utterly abolished. In fact, comfort is guaranteed, support is guaranteed, chafe free wear is guaranteed, as is stretch and breathability. Now if that doesn't sound great I don't know what will. With SAXX men's boxers you really won't miss the rest of the pants in your drawer. In fact, you may even feel compelled to throw them all out and stock up on simply SAXX. Please note we will not be held responsible for the addiction caused by SAXX boxers.

SAXX as a brand has been creative and comfort focussed underwear for years and it's not the most popular underwear brand in the whole of North America for no reason. Their quality is outstanding and will quite frankly have you flabbergasted. Your balls will love the hug of a SAXX ball park pouch.

SAXX boxer trunks Father's Day edit.

SAXX For Father's Day.

And now, after a very long wait, we are proud to announce that a new SAXX men's underwear collection has started to arrive through our doors here at UNDERU. We really hope you love the fun range of patterns and colours. Find a few multipacks in there too which are bound to be a firm favourite for all. Of course, each pair of SAXX men's boxers are topped of with a super stretchy interwoven branded waistband. All packaged nicely in SAXX branded boxes which makes it perfect for gifting. With Father's Day right around the corner perhaps you could change his life this year with SAXX underwear. Explore a variety of fabrications with different features to find your favourite match. Or try them all. Let us know if you've tried out SAXX and share what you think of it. We just know you won't be disappointed.

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