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Derek Rose | Feel Good Living | A New Collection


Derek Rose Underwear understand that your free time is really important to you. Whether it is time spent alone, or time with friends and family. They want to help you feel good, look good, and make the most of these moments. Understanding and appreciating the value of free time is what Derek Rose called "Feel Good Living". In fact, their brand mission is to design products to enhance these valuable moments. We simply couldn't resist their impeccable collection.

The Logo

Derek Rose Men's Clothing and Underwear at UNDERU

Men's Underwear

Derek Rose underwear is designed with a function first philosophy, putting your needs at the heart of the design process. Only after they have a fantastic, functionally-designed product that is extremely comfortable and perfectly fit for purpose, do they consider the form. They wrap the ‘form layer’ around the product so that it looks beautiful and features original designs that are exclusive to Derek Rose.

Our underwear collection is pure luxury. Find a range of styles including a boxer trunk. This style offers a flattering fit and supportive structure which makes it very popular. Next, we present to you a boxer brief which harnesses the same amazing qualities as a boxer trunk. Yet, this style has a slightly longer leg which abolishes any chafing and adds even more support for the wearer. On the other hand, do you hate the tight fit of a trunk? If this sounds like you, do not fret. We made sure to include boxer shorts within the collection. Finally, we have stocked up on a classic brief underwear style. A favourite for many. All readily available in a range of colours and prints.

Men's T-Shirts

Derek Rose focuses on the time that is important to you: getting home, changing into something comfy and switching off; relaxing with a great book or lounging with friends or family. Times that are special, valuable or peaceful.

Derek Rose T-Shirts are designed by applying a ‘forensic’ approach to these moments, designing products that deliver best-in-class solutions. Derek Rose think that if they can contribute to your enjoyment of these sorts of moments and thus enrich your quality of life, then they’ll be happy that they've done their work. If they do their jobs well, their hope is that you will feel noticeably more comfortable in their men's t-shirts.

Men's Shirts

Spring is on the way quicker than we know it. What says Spring more than a shirt? A true spring wardrobe will be full with not only t-shirts but polo shirts and button down 100% linen shirts. Derek Rose men's shirts are an ideal piece to impress. It's luxury fabrication will make you feel extra special. You will be oozing confidence. Our Derek Rose polo shirts range is flattering, comfortable, breathable, flexible, and the attention to detail is insane. As is our Derek Rose men's shirts collection. Easily dress it up or down. A lifetime of wear.

A picture taken from the Derek Rose Instagram to show examples of Derek Rose clothes at UNDERU.

The polo shirt we currently stock is cut from a lightweight Sea Island Cotton knit. You may be completely unaware of what Sea Island Cotton actually is... Sea Island Cotton fibres are cultivated exclusively on the islands of the British West Indies in the Caribbean. Here the superb tropical climate provides the perfect growing conditions for the most luxurious cotton fibres in the world. In fact, genuine Sea Island Cotton
makes up less than 0.0004% of the world's cotton production making it exceptionally rare and sought-after. Truly a luxury purchase that will last you a lifetime. Whether you are golfing in the sun or on a hot date, a Derek Rose polo shirt will have you feeling like a billion bucks.

Also, browse a wide collection of Derek Rose loungewear and pyjamas. All pieces drip with the same pristine quality as seen throughout their underwear and clothing range.

Check out the new and growing Derek Rose men's clothing and underwear collection HERE.

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