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HOM underwear and Didier Drogba - a perfect strike partnership?!

Global Football star Didier Drogba recently announced he is to be collaborating with French fashion brand Hom to create an ethical men’s underwear and swimwear range. Our Chief Buyer Holly went to view the collection last week and to find out a little bit more about this fantastic endorsement for Hom underwear.
Didier has worked closely with the Ivory Coast designer Ellie Kuame to create a line of underwear and swimwear, which will aim to benefit his own personal charity. Hom have agreed that a percentage sold from the collection will go towards the Didier Drogba Foundation which focuses on improving education and health care in the footballer’s home country, Ivory Coast.
Didier Drogba of Galatasaray signs for HOM underwear
Drogba on his collaboration with Hom:
“By producing my own line of underwear I’m able to achieve two goals: to design a fashionable men’s underwear range; and to create a product that will directly support my charitable foundation – to aid in health care and education in the Ivory Coast”.
The capsule collection consists of roughly 18 pieces made up of tropical colours and a nod to the footballing star’s Ivory Coast heratige. Designs are chic and simple and definitely point towards a new direction for Hom underwear. So look out for the Drogba & Co Hom men’s underwear collection coming to in May next year.
HOM Black Addict trunk Popular style of boxer trunk from HOM's Black Addict range

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