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Men's Gift Ideas | International Friendship Day


International Friendship Day. A glorious day that started all the way back in 1930 but was actually declared in 2011. A day to celebrate your friends. I'm sure we all appreciate the friends we have in our life. But, how often do we let them know? Today (July 30th) is a day to show your friend why you appreciate them and what better way to do that that a gift? While a message to show appreciation is brilliant, a gift alongside that is even better. Find in this blog post some great men's gift ideas to show your friend why they're so special. A friend can be anyone from a close family member that's always there for you, a lover, or a bestie. Whoever they are, today its all about them.

Men's Gift Ideas at UNDERU

Gifting is extraordinarily easy when shopping here at UNDERU. This is because our selection of goodies are superb. From wallets, to multipacks of socks, to a shirt that's shaped to perfection, there's something for everyone. However, with such choice available it can actually be quite easy to get overwhelmed. So, in this blog post I will take you through some ideas to make gift giving a little bit easier. Whether you are buying a gift for International Friendship Day, a birthday, an anniversary, anything, this will hopefully help make your gifting decision more streamline.

Gift Boxes

An obvious choice. But, an excellent one. Taking time to pick one is all you need to do because our gift boxes are already sporting gorgeous presentation packaging. We have so many gift boxes to choose from. Some options include socks gift boxes, pyjama sets gift boxes, and accessories gift boxes.


Firstly, probably the most common gifting choice, a socks gift box. The socks gift box range here at UNDERU is truly unmatched. From a mix of staple Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo, BOSS, Paul Smith, and Calvin Klein socks gift boxes, and quirky Happy Socks gift boxes, you are bound to find something your friend will adore. It depends on what your friend likes to wear, and what you think they'll like as a gift.

Men's Gift box socks 3-pack
PAUL SMITH 3-Pack Mixed Stripe Socks, Multicoloured
Code: 24347-OneSize


Classic socks

Some people stick to their basics when it comes to socks. That's when our classic socks gift boxes come in handy. We have a fantastic selection of "basic" socks multipacks in handy gift boxes. These include customer favourite styles in customer favourite colours. Such as, simple stripes, argyle pattern, solid colour, and discrete logos. Often the most saught out colour choice for your basic sock wearer is navy blue or black. However, our socks gift boxes include a great variety of patterns, colours, and styles to pick from.

Crazy Socks

Some sock wearers can't stand the thought of wearing anything that isn't outrageous. And, that's where Happy Socks come in. With a mountain of choice, our Happy Socks socks gift boxes will have what it takes to make your friend smile. An ideal gift since you get lots of variety within one gift box, and the outerpackaging features a fun and colourful design.
Our Happy Socks socks are also great if your friend doesn't necessarily wear outrageous socks a lot. If you look through our page you may just find something that relates to your friend. An inside joke perhaps. This is when Happy Socks makes a great gift. All our Happy Socks gift boxes carry a theme. Some of which tailor to certain occasions. Such as the celebration gift box. Perfect if you and your friend are celebrating something. Perhaps it's their birthday coming up? The birthday socks gift box is a great choice. A thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to make your friend crack a smile.

Happy Socks sock gift box
HAPPY SOCKS 2-Pack TV Dinner Socks Gift Box, White/Blue
Code: 23209

Was £19.90 - NOW £12.94

Men’s gift idea: Accessories

Some people may think yawn to gifting socks to someone. If that's you, perhaps our accessories gift boxes are a better choice. Packaged up beautifully in branded packaging explore our men's wallets, cufflinks, card holders, belts, and more. A perfect men’s gift! Treat your friend this International Friendship day to that wallet they keep mentioning. Or, a pair of cufflinks for that event you have coming up.

Men's belt gift set
BOSS Finest Italian Leather Reversible Belt Gift Set, Black/Brown
Code: 24544-OneSize

Was £99.00 - NOW £74.25

T-Shirts & Shirts

Men's gift ideas don't have to stop at just gift boxes. While the packaging makes them look more "gift-worthy", with a nice bit of wrapping paper or not at all, anything at our store works for a men’s gift. A men's designer shirt is a nice option for a gift idea, especially if you have an event to attend together. In addition, t-shirts are a great choice. Perhaps one of our graphic t-shirts will be relatable to your friend. Our Replay men's t-shirts have a range of options. From pop art, to pugs and penguins, as well as simple logos.

Will you gifting your friend this International Friendship Day? Don't forget to give your friend a call today. Words mean so much more than you may think.

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