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HUGO underwear x Liam Payne: An Inside Look At His Celebrity Style.

"I think I would define my style as quite laid back and just things that go together quite simply rather than over complicating things and detracting away from yourself." - Liam Payne during HUGO underwear interview 2020

Is your wardrobe starting to look dated?

Does Liam's statement sound like your fashion sense? Pieces in our HUGO underwear range could be the essential staples that you are missing in your wardrobe. If you are looking to find, modernize or simplify your signature look, it is time for you to hu-GO and explore the range.

Now, would a huge British star do launch after launch with a company such as HUGO boss if it was't worth the hype? No way hosay. Liam Payne as I am sure you all know by now started his journey as a teen pop sensation by performing to millions of fans in the band One Direction. Although the band broke up, he continued to escalate his career as a solo artist and model. He took his confidence off the stage and became a global brand ambassador for HUGO. Let's not dismiss the unforgettable fragrance range of early 2020 and his first ever HUGO underwear campaign.

Why HUGO underwear?

Just in case you needed a little reminder...

Liam loves simple and effortless fashion. That's why HUGO is the best brand for him to work with. Over the years Hugo Boss have developed their range into an amazing collection of athleisure-wear. Featuring items such as t-shirts, swim shorts, socks and of course - pants! HUGO utilize the use of an easy palette. Modern blocks of colour are used to make each and every piece super easy to wear. Do not get me started on the level of comfort... Liam's range also features the bold use of red, white and blue which enhances the sporty aesthetic.

Block colours are always a huge hit. Especially with wardrobe essentials such as t-shirts and pants. Below you can see my absolute favourite pair of HUGO underwear that we sell here at as seen worn by the popular Liam Payne. You just can't go wrong.

HUGO underwear - Idol Logo Boxer Trunk, White/red CODE: 17789

Not only is the laid back use of colour an important feature of Mr Payne's - comfort is key with a range like this. HUGO are experts at creating comfortable clothing that is breathable and suitable for people of every shape and size. There's nothing worse than an overheating crotch during the summer heat. Uniquely, our HUGO underwear is crafted using a smooth blend of cotton and elastane for the perfect supportive fit whilst also designed to maintain a cool temperature. How invigorating!

Is it all HUGO underwear?

In addition, the Liam x HUGO launch contains some great pairs of pants but it does not stop there. The popular Payne is a champion at the sporty casual look. A simple vest or t-shirt is a vital piece in any celebrity wardrobe. Timelessly, Liam Payne worked with the HUGO team to compose his very own range. As seen below this sporty piece is cut to perfection in stretch cotton with a double-rib structure for an optimal fit.

*Disclaimer* Arm muscles are not included with this purchase.

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