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Are traditional boxer shorts back in Vogue?


The evolution of men's underwear; why boxer shorts are back...

As we all know fashion seems to come full circle, you only have to look a trend reports each season to see that designers have taken influences from past eras.  This SS17 it all about the 80's, with oversized men's t-shirts and enough logos to make Kim Kardashian sick.  But the last few seasons there has been a growing trend for the humble boxer short.  Retro-modernity is the height of cool at the moment, and men's boxer shorts are an easy and inexpensive way to tap into this trend.  We also think comfort may have something to do with this fashion sticking around, lets face it slim-fitting, compression-style Men's boxer briefs are never going to be as comfortable as pure cotton boxers, no matter what the pages of Vogue are telling you.  As a society we seem to also be slightly leaning towards a 'buy classic' mentality, perhaps this has something to do with the rise in a more traditional boxer short.

men's boxer shorts

Whether it's here to stay as a trend or not, here at UNDERU we love classic men's boxers and we have a fantastic collection from designers such as Hugo Boss, Wolsey, Calvin Klein and Gant underwear.  Shop our entire collection of Men's boxers here.

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