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Hom men's underwear is a classic here at UNDERU. We love it, you love it, everyone loves it. Why? Because Hom create pants perfect for every type of man. Starting with Hom men's briefs, to Hom men's boxers, to Hom men's Thongs and finally to Hom Men's jockstraps. The best part is that Hom men's underwear is available in a boastful range of colours. We are slowly edging towards the warmer months. So, what is better than wearing bright colours?

Who are Hom? Why should you buy their men's underwear?

Hom is the ultimate men's underwear brand for men that love luxurious pants. Featuring innovative designs, vibrant colours and luxurious fabrics, HOM men's underwear can rightfully claim to be the leading underwear brand in terms of innovation. Owned by Triumph International, HOM underwear was first brought to the market in 1963, so is celebrating 50 years of luxury men's underwear in 2013. Now, the brand continues to roar in success. Still developing glorious products in stunning new designs. Here at UNDERU our customers have proven some firm favourites. This is made obvious by how quick they sell out once restocked and how our loyal customers just can't stop themselves from coming back for more.


Find below our top 3 best selling Hom products that our customers are magnetized to. If you have not yet heard of these undies then now is your chance to see what you've been missing out on.

Pink Trunk HOM Men's Underwear TOP SELLER #1

Striped Waist Sumptuous Boxer Trunk, Pink - CODE: 20493
Black Brief HOM Men's Underwear TOP SELLER #2

Plume Ultra-light Brief, Black - CODE: 11937
Black G-String HOM Men's Underwear TOP SELLER #3

Freddy G-String, Black - CODE: 11940

To sum up, as you can see people love their solid prints. Whilst HOM have a lovely selection of fun prints, the essentials will always sell the best. You just can't go wrong with block colours. In fact. two of our best-selling pairs are in a staple black shade whilst the other is a pretty pink. Generally, people steer towards black as a go-to colour as it just looks great! Each pair is found in different underwear styles which shows that HOM really make a great pair of men's underwear, no matter the style you like. Are any of these your favourite? Check out the rest of our HOM underwear range HERE!

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