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Designer Swim Shorts for SS21 from


Designer Swim Shorts might have felt irrelevant last year, but we are hoping that 2021 will be the year we can relax on a white sandy beach, cocktail in hand. We hope we are going to be wearing a selection of our fantastic men's swim shorts too.

Obviously last year our swimwear collection wasn't too popular, with most people not able to travel internationally. So this year I'm sure most people are going to need to update their Designer Swim Shorts collection. And what a collection we have for you. Last year lots of men's swimwear didn't get produced, so this year the designers have really gone to town.

Whether you are looking for bold prints, or classic colours - we have something for everyone.

Gant & Happy Socks Swimwear for SS21

Bold Men's Swim Shorts

If making a statement on the beach is your thing then check out Versace swimwear. Their medusa print is instantly recognisable and sure to get you noticed, they also have both swim shorts and swim trunks - so something for every body shape too. If Versace isn't in your budget, then Lacoste's neon Crocodile logo is a great option. Franks Swimwear also have some beautiful photographic prints.

Classic Men's Swimwear

Classic men's swimwear is my personal favourite. Ralph Lauren, Gant and Armani all do classic pieces so well. One of our favourite pairs is Ralph Lauren's seersucker pair. Perfect for beach to bar! Classic swim shorts might be a safer option for this strange Summer too - just in case we only get as far as the local swimming pool!

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