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Guess Men's Underwear | New-In range at UNDERU


Get your senses tingling with our brand new range of Guess men's underwear. While I am sure we have all heard of Guess, I am pretty sure we have not all tried Guess. Which, is an utter shame since it is highly rated and great for finding new staples. Here at UNDERU you can find some lovely new pieces.

New-In Guess Men's Underwear at UNDERU

When you think of the word "classic" in relation to clothing, what first comes to mind? Now, depending on your style and the type of person you are, these answers may differ. However, the majority of us would be thinking of your wardrobe staples. That classic white t-shirt or those favourite black jeans. For, underwear the answer is simple. Solid black pants, or solid white pants. A simple style that can really go a long way. A long way through life that is. You see, here at Under U we highly support spending that little bit extra on a piece of clothing to ensure it lasts you a lifetime. Therefore, saving you money in the long run. And, reducing the impact clothing has on world waste.


So, why is the word "classic" relevant? Because, Guess men's underwear harnesses comfortable and simple designs that are perfect additions fro your underwear drawer. Guess boxer trunks can become those pants you always reach for in that slight hesitation you have when picking your pants for the day. Or, maybe you just love simple. Black, white, grey or blue. In fact, buying Guess men's underwear couldn't be simpler. Each pair of Guess briefs or trunks come in great-value multipacks that you just can't ignore. A 3 in 1 situation is never a bad idea.

A picture taken from the 2017 Guess men's underwear campaign. The picture shows Joe Jonas and Charlotte McKinney modelling.
Guess underwear is favoured by many. Including celebrities. As seen in the past, Joe Jonas and Charlotte McKinney stripped down as they modelled for the Guess campaign.

Our Guess men's underwear collection is made from a smooth blend of cotton and elastane for the perfect supportive fit and designed to maintain a cool temperature. Finished with a reinforced, moulded front pouch and an elasticated interwoven GUESS lettering logo waistband in contrasting colours for a great fit. Thus, take a look for yourself and find the perfect pack for you HERE. As well as Guess underwear, we also have brand new t-shirts and other clothing soon to come. And, now that we are well into summer, take a look at some of our existing Guess swim shorts over on our site.

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