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Scotch & Soda underwear arrives at UNDERU

We are proud to introduce Scotch & Soda underwear to

The Scotch & Soda underwear brand is synonym for everlasting, classic style that would outlast all passing fashion trends.
‘‘Scotch & Soda loves to make great garments that suit every individual. We want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. Scotch & Soda products are of high quality, rich in detail and affordable’’.
Scotch & Soda Underwear
This Amsterdam-based fashion company started its work in 80’s as a menswear label, but the brand opted for a new beginning in 2001. This new start was crucial for popularity of the brand today. They started with sale in world’s biggest fashion centers, such as Italy, France and Spain – and that’s how everybody fell in love with their clothes.
Scotch & Soda never hurry with new their collection, as there are only two collections in a year; they do not intend to change that custom. One of the reasons is because their clothes never go out of style and that’s certainly true. This fashion brand has great success with kid’s lines, besides collections for men and women, same as their fragrance called Barfly.
They don’t invest much in advertising, because they don’t believe in logos – they believe in quality. That’s how their trademark became their clothes, and classic but unique style instead of expensive marketing and celebrity commercials. Despite their belief and the way of work, fashion lovers will always recognize their logo with a sewing machine and elegant letters of Scotch & Soda name.
“People who feel confident about themselves, don’t need logos to show the world what they’re about.  All branding does really, is take away people’s individuality.”
As a lover of simplicity, I believe that this is one of the fashion labels with whom you can’t make a mistake by wearing it now or over the next ten years. The crucial thing is their fabric quality and simple, but perfect shape of clothes. It would always be stylish and wearable because its and everyday classic that will always be trendy. It’s a perfect balance of simplicity and vintage style that you always should have in your wardrobe, no matter what’s the current fashion trend.

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