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Lyle & Scott Underwear | Be Bold, Bright & Beautiful


We all love a bit of colour in summer. The world literally comes to life. Flowers blossom, trees grow their bright green leaves and people start wearing their favourite pops of colour. People in summer tend to wear lighter clothing such as whites or pastel shades. This colouring really compliments tanned skin and is more likely to keep you cooler on those hotter days. Here at UNDERU we have a great Lyle & Scott underwear collection that is filled to the brim with bursts of colour, perfect for your summer this year.

Lyle & Scott men's underwear at UNDERU

Why just wear colours on top when you can have it all over you. Generally, underwear is the base for a good outfit. No, not everyone will see your choice of underwear that day. But, you will feel your best knowing that your underwear choice is a gorgeous colour and fits you amazingly. Comfort starts with Lyle & Scott underwear. Here at UNDERU we have a boastful range of Lyle & Scott boxer trunks, Lyle & Scott briefs, Lyle & Scott boxer shorts and much much more. Do you love a good deal? After the year we have had, saving some money here and there can't hurt. We love sustainability here at underU. In fact, we support high-quality brands like Lyle & Scott so you can grab long-lasting products. In turn, this will save you money in the long run whilst helping reduce clothing waste.

New-In 2021

A screenshot of the most recent Lyle & Scott underwear here at UNDERU.

Most recent Lyle & Scott underwear here at UNDERU can be seen presented in the above image. As you can see there is a lovely range for you to choose from. Men's underwear favourites like Lyle & Scott boxer trunks seem to be the most favourable. However, our Lyle & Scott men's briefs collection cannot go unnoticed. Generally, all men love the classic branded waistbands used by this brand. They feature super stretchy and soft fabrication that keeps you supported during any activity. These waistbands come in various designs so you can pick the perfect style for you. Colour is so important in summer as mentioned above. Lyle & Scott finds glorious colours and paints their underwear collections beautifully.

Lyle & Scott like to give their customers good value for money. As seen in most of their multipacks here at UNDERU. You buy one pack and get two to five different pants in one. Perfect to help you replenish your old underwear collection. Browse more of the Lyle & Scott range HERE.

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