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Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear | Top 5 Picks at UNDERU


Classy staples in your wardrobe has got to include Polo Ralph Lauren underwear. We think that its great. Unquestionably, from thousands of great reviews we know that you think its great too. We have a wide selection of essential undies as well as some more unique and fun styles. In fact, Polo Ralph Lauren has been sold by us for years and there's a good reason for that.

What are you looking for?

Polo Ralph Lauren underwear is truly a blessing. Are you tired of your tatty white pants and want to change your underwear feel for life? If the answer is yes then try Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear. Choose from whites, blacks, greys, navies, reds, oranges and blues. We've got a fit for everyone. Firstly, most of our customers go for the classic boxer trunk style. This is because most people find this the most flattering pair of underwear. Additionally, many men find this style the most comfortable and supportive. However, we do not discriminate here.

Not into boxer trunks?

Boxer briefs are also a classic. Truth be told, your legs are not going to chafe in this underwear. Nor is your junk going to flop about. The extra fabric on this type of underwear is bound to look great on the leg too. However, briefs are another favourite for some of our customers. This is a European favourite. Did you know that you are not allowed to wear swimming shorts in some places of Europe? Only briefs allowed! And, apparently, one you try a brief you never go back. The minimalistic fit is freeing, breathable and supports you in just the right places. Ideal for anyone that gets too hot easily.

Not what you want?

Finally, if none of these styles are your cup of tea. Too constricting maybe. Polo Ralph Lauren boxer shorts are an option here at UNDERU. Did you know that boxer shorts were originally designed with elastic bands to give fighters more freedom for their footwork? This was a life changing move for male boxers. Fighters were very happy to change out of their leather belt-fastened tights that hindered their movement. So, perhaps you like boxer shorts so you can secretly live out your inner boxer-self...

Top 10 - Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear at UNDERU

  • 3-Pack Classic Boxer Trunks, Andover Heather Grey - Code: 21633
  • Midnight Luau Print Boxer Trunk, Black/white - Code: 20266
  • Bear Hawaiian Print Boxer Trunk, Navy - Code: 20267
  • 3-Pack Allover Polo & Solid Boxer Trunks, Blue/Pink/Navy - Code: 20259
  • 3-Pack Woven Boxer Shorts, Blue/White/Navy - Code: 14008

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