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AW15 Men's Underwear Highlights So Far at UNDERU

AW15 has been good to us here at UNDERU, and here are some of our men's underwear highlights...

Men's underwear AW15 highlights - Multipacks

The multipack features strongly across our AW15 underwear collections. Full of variation and colour, the multipack continues to offer great value, with brands such as Calvin Klein Men's Briefs and Bjorn Borg Boxers offering some fashion forward pieces at great prices.

Men's underwear AW15 highlights - Ornate detailing

Whilst sometimes a man's pants attire can be somewhat overlooked, hidden underneath denim or such like, our brands do their best to make our customer's underwear something to be proud of. This Autumn Winter '15 sees Versace Underwear in particular bring in some impressive ornate designs into their collection, and the golden touches in their Icon Baroque range are truly stunning.

Men's underwear AW15 highlights - Sportswear

Bjorn Borg and Hugo Boss have both produced some stylish and great quality sportswear.  While hoodies may not be top of some mens fashion choices they are perfect for the walk to the gym now Winter has arrived.  Even worn as lounge wear they look stylish enough to answer the door if the postman knocks!

Men's underwear AW15 highlights - Geometrical

If you are looking to add a little personality to your look then these Mondrian inspired print men's socks are perfect.  Just a flash of colour will brighten up any grey day.
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Men's Underwear A/W15 Highlights | Men's Designer Underwear | UNDERU

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