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Sloggi Underwear - Can you go wrong? Your favourites back in stock now!


Sometimes underwear just has just got to be simple. Quite frankly, I believe most people out there don't think too hard before picking their underwear out. In fact, we know that staple colours such as black, white, grey, and navy, are all customer favourites here at UNDERU. However, of course there is always room for fun prints and vibrant colours in your underwear drawer. But, to be honest classics are always a win. Here at UNDERU we hold a bunch of essential underwear that is perfect for stocking up on your go-to basic pants. A brand known worldwide for its well-done simplicity is Sloggi. Our top selling Sloggi men's underwear is now back in stock here at UNDERU!

Sloggi Men's Underwear at UNDERU

Sloggi men's underwear takes simple colourways, comfortable fabrics, and expert manufacturing to a great standard. Available in customer favourite shapes. Boxer trunks, briefs, and more recently, boxer briefs. Our wonderful selection of Sloggi underwear for men is very popular. And, for good reason! Therefore, we absolutely had to do another restock before the end of the year. That's why I am happy to announce our top selling Sloggi styles are now back in stock in sizes ranging from small to extra extra large.

Sloggi men's boxer trunks are designed to hold you in place all day with a comfortable pouch in the front, stretchy fabric, and a super stretchy elasticated waistband. This is the top selling underwear style in the world! Recently we have added Sloggi boxer briefs to our range. This type of underwear features the same amazing qualities as a boxer trunk. Although, the longer leg adds extra support, abolishes chafing, and optimizes comfort. Furthermore, we stock Sloggi men's briefs. Apparently, once you try a brief there's no going back. A favourite for many men out there. Our Sloggi briefs are designed using the same super stretchy and soft fabrics as the other styles. The pouch remains the same with its supportive shape. The only difference is the lack of leg material. This design allows for more movement and breathability whist remaining in place throughout the day.

What's in?

Now that we are deep into those colder months. At least here in the UK we are. It's time for layering. Its crazy how warm you can be in freezing cold weather when layering up properly. We have recently restocked our top selling Sloggo men's t-shirts. These tops are available in 2-pack multipacks in black, or white. While perfect for layering under clothes, these Sloggi t-shirt can also be worn as an everyday t-shirt. Featuring a crew neck design, super stretchy fabrication, and long lasting materials you can't go wrong.

So, are you tempted to replace those outdated staples in your wardrobe? You know it's time when the white ones aren't so white any more. Or, the elasticated waistband no longer pings back into place like it used to. And, I can almost guarantee that most people out there have a pair of pants in their drawer with some sort of hole in it. If any of these uncomfortable underwear features sound all too familiar. Perhaps its time to have a look at our newly stocked men's Sloggi underwear range.

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