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Franks Swimwear | How to Solve the Plastic Problem.


Plastic production and pollution is an extremely hot topic this decade. Now is the time to action change and this is undeniable. Waiting is becoming less of an option every single second. In this post I will be diving into the plastic production industry, how you can make simple changes to help, and why Franks swimwear is a wonderful brand to explore.

Franks Swimwear: Why it is relevant...

You may be wondering how a pair of swim shorts could possibly relate to the global plastic problem. Well, it's simple. Franks is an Australian-born swimwear brand that is an exciting addition to our collection here at UNDERU. Franks swim shorts harness Australian beach culture to a T. Featuring super fun (in the sun) patterns and print. But, more on that later. Why does Franks deserve a mention in this blog post? Franks swimwear boastfully promotes a reduction in plastic waste. In fact, Franks men's swim shorts are in mainly fabricated in purely recycled plastic. Generally, this adds up to about 10 plastic bottles per pair of shorts. Therefore, no bottles are going to waste. Not only are you extending the lifecycle of these materials, but you are also turning "waste" into something totally new and wonderful.

Franks men's Swim shorts, part of our new SS23 collection
Lobster Print Swim Shorts, Navy - Code: 24848

Franks at UNDERU

So what makes Franks swimwear worth the spend? Of course, there's the environmental factors. This is clear. But, there are structural features that are also worth a mention with these swimmers. Each pair is expertly crafted in a flattering shape and feature a comfortable inner lining to offer you some more support. This is ideal for your summer activities. From beach to bar even. We have lots of fun prints to pick from that are as bright as a summer day. From funky florals to lobster picnics, and everything in between. Find each pair sporting a drawstring waist, side slash pockets, and a back pocket too.

Plastic Facts

  • The world generated 139 million metric tons of single-use plastic waste in 2021.
  • The ocean is now home to over five trillion pieces of plastic, and 24 trillion microplastics.
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has a surface area of 1.6 million square kilometres. That’s 6.5 times larger than the whole of the UK.
  • A staggering 46% of plastic waste comes from packaging.
  • In 2015 alone, polyester production emitted around 706 billion kilograms of greenhouse gasses which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 185 coal-fired power plants.

What can you do to help reduce plastic waste?

Here are some simple tips to do your bit to reduce plastic waste. Firstly, a no brainer, recycle your plastics. If you can, go over to your local recycling centre for a more broad range of accepted materials. Or, simply recycle as per your local collection guidelines. Next, buy more mindfully. This one is often less achievable depending on your spending limit. Though, if you can, it is 100% worth the extra spend. Often the veggies wrapped in plastic are cheaper than those that are loose. Or, the recycled polyester t-shirt is more expensive than the normal polyester t-shirt. But, if you have the funds, this buying habit is worth trying to significantly reduce the plastic you buy. Thus, reducing your plastic waste.

Reusing Tips

Similarly, buying reusable goods instead of single use items makes a huge difference. For example, spend an extra £1 on a heavy duty carrier bag that'll last a lifetime, a much better choice than buying a 20p carrier bag that will break much sooner. Or, buy a slightly more expensive reusable set of picnic cutlery or a metal straw will last you a really long time, save you money in the long run, and will eliminate plastic waste! As well as that, invest in a flask/reusable coffee mug instead of getting plastic ones at your local coffee house. Did you know that this will often give you a small discount on your favourite beverage? Get rid of cling film by investing in reusable plastic covers that you simply wash ready for the next use.

Finally, ever been to the beach or the park and spotted a discarded wrapper, or bottle? Safely pick it up and pop it in the bin, or take it with you until you find a bin. A miniscule task to save lives.

These little steps may seem insignificant in the whole scheme of things, but if everyone did their bit, just think of the scale of change we could make.

Don't forget to check our Franks swimwear today.

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