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Emporio Armani Boxers | Basics a man can't live without


Underwear creates the base of your wardrobe and the base of your outfit. Therefore, it's essential that the underwear you pick is the best choice for you. Now, there are so many great brands out there offering fantastic underwear. Just take a look at our website and you'll find some amazing options. But, in this post we're are zooming in on a customer favourite. As one of our top-selling brands, Emporio Armani boxers deserve a shout out.
Emporio Armani men's underwear is one of the quickest to sell out after a re-stock. This is because the collection is packed with basic colours and solid prints that most men are looking for. So, it's a great time to let you know of our recent re-stock of Emporio Armani underwear essentials. This re-stock features all your favourite underwear styles and colours that people buy again and again and again. So, now is your chance to get it before it's gone. But don't worry if you miss it, these styles will be restocked time after time.

Emporio Armani Men's Boxers at UNDERU

Emporio Armani boxers always feature excellent branding. The underwear is truly timeless, well-fitting, and stylish. Emporio Armani often runs smaller for a tight-fitting look so make sure to size up for a classic fit. With lot's of colours and styles available you really don't have to explore elsewhere to fill up your underwear drawer. As well as boxer trunks, Emporio Armani make incredible men's briefs, and boxer briefs that may be more to your taste. On the page you'll find a great selection of single packs and multipacks that offer you better value for money. This will get you more at once to help with refreshing your underwear drawer.

Next, let's take a closer look at our top picks for Emporio Armani men's boxers. Now, these are all replenishable styles that our customer's can't get enough of.


Example 1 of Emporio Armani boxers
EMPORIO ARMANI 3-Pack Pure Cotton Boxer Trunks, Black
Code: 19690


Starting strong, you can't deny that this is a classic pack of 3 men's boxer trunks. Black is easily the most sought after underwear colour. This pack features classy interwoven logo detailing on the waistband in contrasting white. Nothing too crazy. The Emporio Armani boxer style is snug on the leg with a comfortable pouch shape designed for lasting comfort. It's material is a fantastic mix of cotton and elastane. The cotton allows for a soft to the touch feel, while the elastane allows for stretch. Stretch that lasts too. There's nothing worse than buying a pair of pants and having them go saggy after a few washes. Our Emporio Armani boxers are packed with quality while set at a desirable price of just £38.


Example 1 of Emporio Armani boxers
EMPORIO ARMANI Mega Logo Boxer Trunk, White
Code: 19697


Next, sticking with a boxer trunk style, find above another customer favourite. Featuring a bolder design and slightly different structure, this one is certainly worth a mention. As you can see the waistband is the standout on these Emporio Armani boxers. In fact, the bold logo can't be missed even if you tried. Find the famed eagle logo central on the band with an "Emporio Armani" script logo wrapping around the waist. The logo in black stands out proudly on the white base.
White as an underwear colour is always a controversial one. Some people love it. Whereas, others despise the idea. If that's you, don't fret, we also have this same style available in black. Plus, if you're feeling extra wild there's also a black and neon green version HERE. But, this one's not part of the essentials collection so get there quick. Once it's gone, it's gone. At £30 the mega logo design is definitely more of a premium purchase but it is worth the spend!


Example 3 of Emporio Armani underwear briefs
EMPORIO ARMANI 2-Pack Logoband Contrast Waist Briefs, Grey/Black
Code: 9650


We have an impressive collection of Emporio Armani briefs here at UNDERU, all of which sell out super fast. The brief is making a come back!
Here you can see a lovely multipack. This time offering you two styles in one. Therefore, making this pack great value for money. Variety is the spice of life. This Emporio Armani briefs multipack features a classic logo design and is fabricated in black and grey. Classic and wearable colours.These will be a staple inyour wardrobe (if they aren't already...). Our Armani men's briefs have a stretchy material that will support you throughout the day while providing you with the right amount of breathability. The brief style differs from the classic boxer trunk style because of the leg length.
Similarly to the white pants, you either love or hate briefs. But, I have heard that once you try briefs there is no going back. The short design allows for maximum movement and breathability. It is the most popular underwear style in the whole of Europe. This pack comes in at £31 which is a great price point for premium undies.


Example 4 of Emporio Armani briefs
EMPORIO ARMANI Essential Mega Logo Brief, Black
Code: 19695


Deja Vu? Nope, we couldn't leave this stunning style available to boxer trunk wearers only. That wouldn't be very fair. So, find the mega logo design in both black and white in the brief style. Featuring the exact same fabrications and waistband, simply with a brief fit. You can't go wrong. And, the brief is valued at £3 less than your boxer trunk. A steal if you ask me.

So, these were only a couple ppicks to show off our Emporio Armani underwear essentials collection. There are so many more designs available to choose from. Take a look today and fill up that underwear drawer of yours.

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