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Tommy Hilfiger Boxers | Hilfiger's place in the world of fashion.


Tommy Hilfiger boxers, briefs and trunks are a huge part of our underwear range here at UNDERU. Hilfiger merges classic colours, high quality materials and expert designs to form underwear collections that always blow your socks off.

“We’re about color, we’re about preppy, we’re about classic, we’re about America!”

- Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Boxers

Our collection of Tommy boxers found here at UNDERU are designed to perfection. They are made using a lovely blend of premium fabrics to make them soft to the touch, stretchy, supportive, and best of all, long-lasting. However, if you are not into Tommy Hilfiger boxers we have you covered. Find a selection of boxer trunks, briefs and boxer shorts over on our page to find the right style for you. Available in a selection of patterns and colours.

The Brand

Tommy Hilfiger, founded in 1985 is one of the most recognizable and widely distributed brands in the fashion industry. The brand represents the true sense of classic American cool. Similarly, the Tommy style is influenced by traditional American pop culture while consistently re-inventing and evolving its collections. Tommy Hilfiger has sponsored and collaborated with hundreds of celebrities. To name a few: Beyoncé, David Bowie, Gigi Hadid and Zendaya.

Tommy Hilfiger is a high-end brand that makes sportswear, jeans and tailoring. All their clothing is created with the wearer in mind. Each piece is designed to be comfortable, breathable, long-lasting, and most importantly, stylish. Here at UNDERU we love their sportswear range. They make a huge range of clothing such as Tommy Hilfiger underwear, t-shirts, socks, swimwear, loungewear and accessories. The collections harness classic designs with a flawless modern twist.


Tommy Hilfiger boasts their adaptable approach to fashion as they continually improve their sustainability. Thankfully, Hilfiger strive to have a more positive impact on our planet. Of course, this is a great vision to have in the fashion world as it is becoming more and more popular to be aware of the future of our planet. In fact, they have made lots of changes over the years to work towards Fashion Forward targets in a Circle Round approach. This it to reduce their negative impacts on the planet down to 0% and increase their positive impact on the planet to 100%. Specifically, these are things Tommy Hilfiger do to be sustainable:

  • Implementing more and more sustainable materials into their collections.
  • Limiting carbon and water footprints during production.
  • Working on innovations that mean materials will be from recycled or regenerative sources.
  • Driving consumers to wear out their clothes instead of buying new.

This is only the start and this is why we love the brand so much. It is important to create stylish and comfortable clothing. But, it is vital to make sure these products are sustainable. The future of our planet needs all fashion brands to do their bit.

Here at UNDERU we are soon launching our Tommy Hilfiger range for Spring/Summer 2021 and we know that you're as excited as us. Keep your eyes peeled for our new Tommy Hilfiger underwear because they will become a new staple in your collection.

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