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Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer Trunks | Why are they fit for a king?


Polo Ralph Lauren boxer trunks have been around forever. Ralph Lauren was actually founded five decades ago by Ralph Lauren himself. He started his career by making handmade ties in the fashion industry selling them at a showroom in the Empire State Building. Little did he know that his name would grow into the legendary brand that we all know and love today.

Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear

During his tie-selling years Neiman Marcus, a department store company, bought 1200 ties from his stall. This helped Lauren to plunge his way into retail. After, he opened his own tie store in 1967 and started to use the "Polo" label. Later, in 1971 he expanded his firm and opened a shop in Beverly Hills, California. Starting with menswear and eventually producing womenswear too, his business began to thrive. And, it is still thriving. So, Polo Ralph Lauren underwear has been around for years. We all know that the brand continues to make absolutely gorgeous apparel, accessories and even home furnishings. Lauren uses his decades of experience to create masterpieces that have a lick of luxuriousness. It goes without saying that Polo Ralph Lauren is famous for its classy touch. This can be seen on his collection of underwear found here at UNDERU.

Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer Trunks

We love Polo Ralph Lauren boxer trunks because they have a stunning branded waistband which showcases the brand's elegance. Each product is crafted using expert manufacturing skills and premium fabrics. The result is simply astounding. These boxers provide all-day comfort, endless support and memorable breathability.

Here is my personal favourite. Reason being that it is great value and looks simply stunning on the body. You basically get three different boxers in one. The classic waistband showcases the high-end brand and keeps them up during the day. I love the trunk style because it reduces chafing and offers mounds of support.

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