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Loungewear-about this Halloween at

Spooky!! Here at we have put together this fun "Halloween" guide to help you better understand what mens loungewear is all about.
The buying team at UNDERU have been busy growing the sleep and loungewear range over the past few seasons, as we believe that the wearing of men's designer loungewear is a very popular and growing trend in the UK and around the world. Loungewear is basically anything that is super comfy for the wearer and is nice to relax in and wear at home. Much of our loungewear from the likes of Hugo Boss and Polo Ralph Lauren is fabricated in the very finest cottons, providing extra comfort to the wearer.
The original thinking behind the term loungewear was that it contrasted clearly with casual outerwear, like jeans and t-shirts. But increasingly we are actually finding our customers wearing our Hugo Boss hoodies or lounge bottoms when they visit the shops.
We hope you like our "spooky" guide to men's loungewear below:
Men's Loungewear at

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