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Men's Underwear that the girls can borrow from the boys


Men's Underwear For The Girls

Come on boys, you all know how sexy it is when your girl borrows your clothes.  Be it your favourite men's pyjamas shirt, those Calvin Klein boxers that she seems to look sexier in than you ever could, or even a pair of your men's designer socks on a cold Winter night.

Us girls all do it, and it now seems to be one of the biggest trends of 2016.  Calvin Klein underwear has always had a unisex essence to it's collection, their men's underwear styles being just as perfect for us women as for you chaps, remember sharing is caring boys!

Men's Designer Pyjamas | UNDERU

Our Wolsey brushed cotton men's pyjamas set offers the best of both worlds, you can have the bottoms and she can have the top.  Defiantly one of the sexiest ways to sleep if you ask us!

Men's Designer Sock Brands | UNDERU

If letting your lady wear your clothes really isn't your thing, then how about sharing your men's designer socks ? We can't think of anything nicer than this his & hers pack of Calvin Klein socks while you Netflix and chill ;-)


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