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Replay Shirts | Fundamental Tips To Do Casual In Style


REPLAY Shirts... Who designed them? Where did they come from? How can you get some?

Here at UNDERU we offer a huge collection of REPLAY casual wear that will crank your style up a notch. We are advocates for dressing up or down pieces of clothing to get the most wear out of them. Not only does it save money, but it also gives your clothes the spotlight it deserves.

Replay Clothing | Where did it come from?

Before we talk about Replay we must introduce the brains behind the brand: The Fashion Box Group. Founded in 1981 the Italian group trade under the well-known fashion names REPLAY, REPLAY &SONS and WE ARE REPLAY. After a solid 40 years of experience, this group have perfected the art of fashion design. In fact they have created masterpieces that have evolved into what we see on the shelves today. Using innovative ideas for prints, shapes and fabrics as well as adding their distinctive Italian flare, The Fashion Box Group know how to please.

The Fashion Box Headquaters Found in the beautiful Asolo hills, Italy.

The fact that REPLAY shirts and their impressive selection of casual-wear is manufactured in such a stunning place tells you a little bit about the brand and their high-quality nature. Also, just around the corner from this you can find the Asolo plant which is where all the research and creative development for their clothing takes place.

"The entire production process is planned and monitored, from the very first sketches through to the prototype and to the finished garment. "


Does REPLAY stand for anything?

As you can tell Replay take all steps in to consideration when creating their clothing which is why we are proud to offer so many pieces from their collections on our website. Replay was founded by Claudio Buziol, a brilliant Italian entrepreneur. In fact, he saw the word "Replay" on TV during a football match and it fascinated him. So much so that he looked up this word and discovered its meaning - REPLAY gets its name from the concept of “re-making”, “re-creating” and “re-elaborating”. This was the foundation to the amazing brand we all know and love today.

What to wear....

Now, Replay offer a huge selection of casual wear than can be styled to look smart and dressy or laid back and casual. Also, this brand uses premium fabrics and prints with every single item that they make. This means that their products look great as well as being super long lasting. To cover the whole spectrum Replay use some vibrant colours and prints as well as your staple black, white and greys. There really is something for everyone. To tie together your casual fit you cannot go wrong with a simple accessory. We would suggest trying a baseball cap. Our Replay baseball caps are shaped to perfection. Or, are you going out? (Remember those days) Dress up your outfit by adding an exciting Replay shirt tucked in to your jeans. Find my favourite Replay shirt below.

REPLAY Paisley Print Shirt, Black/Multi
Code: 19188

If you are keen to give Replay a try we currently have a huge sale on all of our Replay Swim Shorts. We understand that it may be difficult to imagine being on holiday after the year we have had, but, here at UNDERU we like to be hopeful. Let's find that light at the end of the tunnel. Get them before they are gone!

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