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Paul Smith Swim Shorts | Step out of your comfort zone this summer.


The collection of Paul Smith swim shorts found here at UNDERU is great. The Paul Smith brand is one of our favourite brands when it comes to daring colours and patterns. If you are the type of person to always steer towards block colours when picking swimwear then Paul Smith is a great brand for you to browse. On the contrary, if you hate the idea of wearing a solid pair of swim shorts then Paul Smith have the range for you. From reds, to blues, to multicoloured. Paul Smith swimwear is outrageously fun.

What Paul Smith swim shorts are available?

Well, where do i start. First of all, why not take a look for your self: CLICK ME. As you can see every single pair of their swim shorts are on sale. This is perfect timing for summer. Of course, a sale does not define the quality of an item. It simply means that you get to buy a superb product for less. Paul Smith men's swim shorts are all fabricated from premium materials and crafted by experts. In fact, each product is masterfully detailed. From the intricate stitching, to the fabrication, to the branded drawstring ends. You really get what you are paying for with these swim shorts. The best part is that they will last you a lifetime if washed at the correct speed and temperature. Making this purchase 100% worth it.

Paul Smith Zebra Logo Athletic-cut Swim Shorts, Electric Blue

Zebra Logo Athletic-cut Swim Shorts, Electric Blue - CODE: 18962

Colours + Patterns

Less about manufacturing, more about prints! As mentioned above, some of our Paul Smith swimming shorts can be found in solid colours like red, blue or black. However, some feature a classic PS twist. Find on some a tiny little Paul Smith multicolour zebra on the left leg. As well as that, Paul Smith do not do boring when it comes to drawstrings. Find on these swim shorts the famous Paul Smith coloured stripes. A lovely detail to make those swim shorts stand out from the rest of your collection. If you love to be bold then our Photographic/printed swim shorts are a great option for you. Some are printed in the stunning Paul Smith stripes that the brand is known for. Another features a gorgeous photographic print that is booming with colour.

On our site find many many more that may intrigue you. Also available in many sizes. Let us know what you think!

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