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DKNY Underwear | Step up your underwear game!


DKNY underwear is a solid underwear option here at UNDERU. Can you really go wrong with a well priced, well designed and high-end underwear collection? Whether you wear DKNY already or not, their men's underwear will undoubtedly support you throughout daily wear. While our current collection is short and sweet, I'll have you know that more are on the way! The fact that the rest of our collection sold out completely can show you it's popularity without the need for words.

First and foremost let us introduce the mind behind the DKNY underwear we all know and love today.

The DKNY Underwear Brand

DKNY was founded in 1984 by Donna Karan in New York. It specializes in making fashion items for men and women. In fact, Donna created this brand for one reason - to stop her daughter from stealing her clothes. So, she chose to launch an "all-inclusive" range that filled a huge gap in the market at the time. By introducing androgynous styles and unisex pieces, the brand became super popular and even revolutionized the way women dress in an office environment. After, the brand grew and grew and was named one of the largest launches in the 80s. Donna Karen recently passed over control to Morris Goldfarb who continues to impress with gorgeous New York inspired collections.

A picture of a model wearing a DKNY men's underwear piece as found at UNDERU

DKNY Boxer Trunks

DKNY boxer trunks here at UNDERU are an absolute classic. Don't forget that there are plenty more to come. Whether you are into bright colours or staple blacks, whites, and greys, this underwear will have what you need. Regardless of your body type, these undies will support your goods whilst looking great on the body. Unlike some of our other brands, DKNY boxer trunks have many different waistband designs that make them stand out from your standard pants. We love a bit of diversity. Every piece of DKNY men's underwear comes packaging nicely in a great-value multipack. This means you can often buy multiple styles all in one. An easy grab for any man. DKNY underwear is beautifully crafted using a comfortable blend of cotton and elastane. This will provide you with a great fit, support, and above all else, long lasting stretch. Is there anything worse than saggy boxers...?

As mentioned, expect more and more DKNY to reach our shelves in the coming months. You won't want to miss it. Browse the DKNY multipack underwear collection HERE.

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