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Ralph Lauren stepping down as CEO


The man who designed some of our favourite men's underwear, Ralph Lauren, has stepped down as CEO

Ralph Lauren who began the luxury lifestyle look, including some of our favourite classic men's underwear styles and the iconic Ralph Lauren Boxer designs, has stepped down as chief executive of the fashion company he founded nearly 50 years ago. Ralph Lauren says he will remain involved with the company. But is passing the reins to 41-year-old executive Stefan Larsson.
Lauren's successor, Stefan Larsson, is formally the president of the US Gap owned budget chain, Old Navy.  Mr Larsson will report to the designer who will continue to oversee the company's creative look and strategy.
Ralph Lauren made the polo shirt cool and had thousands of teenagers copying his signature preppy look with the collars up.  What may have been considered "Sloaney" back in the 80's was suddenly a high fashion item and people wanted to buy into that affluent look.  The same can be said for his Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear, with the likes of Tyson Beckford modelling his classic luxurious designs, Lauren made it ok to care what they wore beneath their clothes in a time before men's beauty products and luxury items were so popular.Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear by UNDERUSpeaking of his replacement, Mr Lauren said: "He understands what dreams are. In this business, it's about dreams because you are dreaming ahead and you're about progress and change and newness."
Ralph Lauren's fashion empire includes some 25 brands including Polo, Club Monaco and Denim & Supply. The company makes clothing, Men's underwear, accessories, furniture, home decor items and footwear under its labels.
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