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Calvin Klein | The Best CK Top Sellers Here at UNDERU


No one likes to miss out. Especially when you could be missing out on worldwide favourites. Calvin Klein is a super popular brand here at UNDERU. In fact, they might just be our most popular brand to date. There is definitely a reason for this. The brand has been growing in popularity every since its birth in 1968. Generally, the range available is amazing for replacing basics or jazzing up your boring basics. You can really find both ends of the spectrum here at UNDERU.

Calvin Klein Top Picks

After that introduction, lets get into the nitty gritty details that you all came here for. Firstly, Calvin Klein men's underwear. It is not surprising that the best selling underwear from Calvin Klein is their world famous boxer trunk. Specifically, this one is a multipack containing 3 low-rise men's boxer trunks, a navy pair, a blue pair and a black pair. The classic trunks feature CK's contrast interwoven Calvin Klein branding on a stretchy waistband. As seen on the brand's first ever underwear range.

3-Pack Low-Rise Boxer Trunks, Navy/Black/Blue - CODE: 14513

Next, what clothing item is Calvin's top seller here at UNDERU? You men love your lounge shorts don't you. The top selling clothing piece by the brand is their gorgeous and unforgettably comfy lightweight track shorts. Followed closely by Klein's classic white t-shirts. These are absolutely perfect for this time of year. Also, perfect for all-year round when lounging round the house. These shorts feature striking "Calvin Klein CK One" logo lettering in contrasting white embroidered on the smooth, stretch waistband. In addition, find two pockets on each side - a vital part of a good pair of shorts. Accidentally, these shorts would pair perfectly with the top selling Calvin Klein t-shirts which can be found next on the list.

A picture of the Calvin Klein clothing top pick for 2021

cK1 Lightweight Track Shorts, Black - CODE: 18539

Summer Favourite

Lastly, swimwear. What do you think our best seller is? My guess is swim shorts. In fact, this style of swimwear is a firm favourite for the majority of men. Luckily, Calvin Klein have a wide range of swimwear available including swim briefs, flip flops and sliders. As this post goes live we actually have a swimwear sale to get you a whole 20% off any full-priced swimwear item. Grab it before its gone! So, what swimwear has taken the crown as the top-selling swimwear product by CK here at UNDERU? Drum roll please... It is the Bonded Logo Tape Swim Shorts in the colour Air Blue. Swim shorts taking the spotlight is a no brainer. What makes these ones the best?

Bonded Logo Tape Swim Shorts, Air Blue - CODE: 18561

Please note that you can find all of our best sellers here at UNDERU for any brand by sorting your product page using the "sort by" tab and selecting "Top Sellers". Remember, they are best sellers for a reason!

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