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Puma underwear - UNDERU's newest men's underwear brand

Welcome to our newest underwear and t-shirt brand, Puma, now available to buy at men's underwear specialist, UNDERU. Puma has an amazing sportswear heritage, and whether it is donning a pair of soft leather Puma Kings or watching Usain Bolt race away another 100 metres on your flat-screen, Puma has probably touched your life in some way. And now Puma underwear and t-shirts comes to UNDERU.

Puma underwear - classic branding, great fit and feel

Our initial collection of Puma men's underwear is full of classic branding and offers great value with all 2-packs available for £17 or £18. The embroidering of the Puma logo is varied across the range, a mix of central placement, 360 degree branding, as well as featuring various colour.
My own personal favourite is the red and burgundy fine stripe Puma boxer briefs, i.e. 13002, which I may be hinting to Mrs M in the lead-up to Christmas!!

Puma t-shirts - great-value 2-packs for £18

We also highlight the range of 2-pack premium cotton t-shirts we stock in black, grey and white. Each of our Puma t-shirts comes with discrete Puma branding and attractive presentation packs.
Puma Men's Underwear Now Available At | UNDERU

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