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Joop Men's T-Shirts | Will there be a world when t-shirts won't be "in"?


Now that's a question that none of us can really answer. Unless you are some sort of psychic. Take a look at how fashion has changed throughout history. There is a huge difference between what we wear now, and what we wore 200 years ago. So, will t-shirts still be worn in centuries to come? Perhaps we will all be living under the sea in year 3000. No need for a t-shirt down there. Or, maybe we'll be travelling in flying cars and wearing holographic clothing. The possibilities are truly endless. None the less, t-shirts are a key part of clothing today. Joop men's t-shirts included.

Introducing... Joop Men's T-Shirts

In fact, t-shirts are the most worn piece of clothing in the world (other than underwear of course...). Therefore, it is absolutely essential to stock up on high quality t-shirts that flatter the body while being tremendously comfortable and most importantly, long-lasting. There's nothing worse than spending money on a t-shirt, only for it to get holes under the arms and discolour in the wash. That's why Joop men's t-shirts are ideal.

Joop - The Brand

As seen on a previous post. Here is the down low on the brand Joop! Joop! became a designer label back in 1986 by German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg, Germany. You may already know the brand because of their globally famous fragrance range. However, the brand carries its excellence through their clothing range too. The brand gained worldwide recognition when they developed the first pink fragrance for men. Since then the brand has continued to thrive in both the fashion industry and the fragrance industry. Joop men's thirts, along with Joop clothing is an ever expanding range that just keeps getting better and better.

Joop T-Shirts at UNDERU

Whether you've heard of Joop or not, their t-shirts remain great. A solid t-shirt option for someone who is searching for something high quality. All Joop men's t-shirts at UNDERU feature the Joop logo in various ways. Some branding is large and in charge right across the chest. Whereas, others are more discrete such as a small logo to the left peck or a small logo tab on the side of the top. Next, the colour you choose for a t-shirt can be really important. It may decipher how much wear you will get out of a top. We believe strongly in investing into clothing you will wear again and again. Therefore, our Joop men's t-shirt collection involves a variety of colours to pick from. Including but not limited to blues, blacks, and whites.

As with the majority of our brands, Joop is a growing collection and so be sure to expect even more additions throughout the year. Available in single and multipacks.

My Top Joop Men's T-shirt Pick

A screenshot of my current favourite pick from our joop men's t-shirts collection here at UNDERU.

Brand new and right up my alley I present to you the Joop Allover Cornflower Print T-Shirt, Black - Code: 22606. I seriously adore this new addition to our Joop t-shirt collection. The all-over cornflower pattern is my favourite part. It looks sexy, classy, and stylish. You could easily dress this up with a tailored jacket or simply pair the top with some Joop joggers to dress it down. Perfect for all-year round. This Joop t-shirt would be ideal for a date because it's flattering on the body and the fabrication is super comfortable. This top is great for someone who loves a high quality brand like Joop but doesn't necessarily fancy large branding shown on their top.

T-shirts may not be a go-to forever but they definitely are at the moment... So, what are you waiting for? Browse our Joop collection HERE.

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