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Lounge Shorts... Does it get better than this?


Can you really go wrong with a lounge short? The answer to that is simple. Yes you can. But, can you really go wrong with lounge shorts from UNDERU? Well, no, no you can't. In this post we're taking a step forward to look at our most favoured lounging shorts for the season. While these shorts are totally a year-round product, now is definitely the time of year where shorts are thriving.

Men's Lounge Shorts at UNDERU

While there may be a heat wave across parts of the world right now, narrowly missing the UK, it's still pretty warm out there. When you take the extreme winds and plummeting showers out of the equation. This is British Summertime after all. Whether its a mild Summer or an absolute scorcher, the best clothing to wear when lounging around is lounge shorts. They're comfy, they're simple, and they are breathable. Perfect Summer wardrobe attire.
We stock loads of options here at UNDERU that will fill your wardrobe with the best men's lounge shorts on the market. Generally, these shorts can be worn indoors and outdoors depending on your style and the design of the shorts. Therefore, a lot of our "lounge" shorts can definitely be worn paired with your favourite t-shirt to attend BBQ's in the garden, popping to the shop for an ice cream, or even going to the gym.

It's so hard to pick a favourite pair when we stock so many fantastic brands so we'll let you do the picking. However, we do want to put a spotlight on a few randomly selected picks that we know you'll love this Summer.


A trendy yet timeless option. This type of fabrication is being used by more and more brands and for good reason. The waffle-like texture adds a luxurious element to your clothing. Be that a t-shirt, bathrobe, or lounge short. The textural difference makes the fabrication pop compared to a classic jersey cotton. This makes your lounge shorts look more expensive. While the texture looks rough, the actual feel of the fabric couldn't be softer. The materials vary from brand to brand and product to product. However, a cotton blend is the main choice. The super soft cotton feels light and airy on the skin while offering you great stretch. Thus adding to the superb comfort of your new lounge shorts.

BOSS Waffle Jersey Lounge Shorts, Navy
Code: 24606

Was £39.00 - Now £26.00


Is this lounge wear or beachwear? Well, that's up for discussion. Some terry lounge shorts really do feel like a towel. And not a soft one. But at UNDERU we made sure to pick super soft cotton terry shorts. Perfect for lounging around the house or for a well deserved beach day. A terry cotton fabrication is like a towel in that it is super absorbent, quick-drying, breathable, and soft. We have a few premium lounge shorts with an unforgettably soft terry fabrication that will definitely make a lot of appearances this Summer.

Franks Terry Shorts, Navy
Code: 24857


Jersey Cotton

A classic you can't fault. Jersey cotton lounge shorts take the most room in our men's shorts collection. They're dreamily soft and stretchy, with breathability, and versatility. As mentioned, you can wear lounge shorts to all sorts of things which is why they're the perfect Summer option. In fact, you could even go as far to say that you can't survive a Summer without them. No one wants to lounge around in stiff shorts that have a zip and button. With jersey cotton shorts you just slip them on tie up the drawstring (or not) and off you go. Furthermore, they're festival friendly, beach friendly, shop friendly, and of course, house friendly. So, definitely worth the purchase.

Lacoste Velour Logo Jersey Track Shorts, Grey Melange
Code: 22753

Was £40.00 - Now £27.60

Now, with a lot of our lounge wear on sale it's the best time to buy! What is your favourite style of lounge shorts?

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