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Hype T-Shirts are back. SS20 has already sold out once so be quick!


Hype t-shirts arrived at only a matter of weeks ago and they have already proved so popular.

Hype t-shirts are really 'THE' go-to look this summer. We are really thrilled to have this new brand on-site, especially with Hype giving back so much during the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Hype launched the HYPE CARES foundation to support global charities via creative fashion. Designing and creating clothing is what they do best. So by creating one-off and mini apparel collections four times a year, this enables Hype to give back and support communities; with 100% of profits donated to chosen charities. By supporting charity partners including WarChild, LoveSpecs and The Albert Kennedy Trust enables Hype to grow the HYPE. family and lend a helping hand to those in need. Working with AKT, they have donated backpacks and Hype T-Shirts to young homeless LGBTQ youths. Aside from registered charities, Hype donate products to schools, helping with raising money at school fates. Every Christmas the HYPE. team put together 250 Christmas-style packages and deliver them to local Children’s hospitals in Leicester a few days before Christmas eve. Donating product enables them to support both their community and their environment with waste reduction and landfill diversion.

Hype Current NHS Campaign

Hype are extremely proud and grateful to join the fight to halt the spread of Covid-19 by helping support and protect the NHS. With key workers and people on the frontline being at the heart of the HYPE. family; this is something that is very real. The people behind HYPE. are experiencing the same things you are going through. The same things you are feeling. The same things you are thinking. Now is a time for Hype to do their part, to show communities, that we are all in this together. Already, the HYPE. family have donated 10,000 masks to the NHS, and that’s only the beginning. They are working closely with manufacturing partners, and their team are diverting resources to create surgical masks. Utilising supplies, they will be doing everything they can, to give back to the NHS. Therefore, with every purchase of the youth or adult mask sets and NHS Legends t-shirts, Hype will be donating 100% of the profits to the NHS/care homes/ key workers or persons in need.

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