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The Mens Loungewear Edit...


The Mens Loungewear to sport while you're working from home...

Our homes have suddenly turned into so much more than the traditional sense. They are now offices, schools, gyms; and a place where we dance around the kitchen on the House Party app on a Saturday night (just me?!). While your 10 year old tee and greying jogging bottoms where once acceptable, now, with all the video calls (whether socially or for work), your Run-DMC tee doesn't quite cut it anymore. It's a tough balance between comfort and style when it comes to mens loungewear. Elasticated waistbands are a must, but a decent cut and fit are also really important to stop the look becoming sloppy.

Mens loungewear is a great place to be brave. Think matchy matchy sets, colours you wouldn't usually wear and big logos; you can go BIG at home. Armani's loungewear collection is always something they invest in . Their muted colours and bold logos always look modern without being too much. They also wouldn't look out of place if you wanted to head out for your daily (socially distanced, of course) exercise. Again, Paul Smith's loungewear collection is exactly what you would expect, sophisticated and beautifully cut; and now on sale in our clothing section we might add.

If we had to pick our dream mens loungewear working from home set up it would most probably go like this...Versace's iconic medusa logo jogging bottoms - the most luxurious loungewear around. A Paul Smith cotton t-shirt - super soft with a very slightly lower neckline for all those unflattering conference call angles. Finally, if you wanted to go all out, Versace's matching hoodie would top the look off perfectly. Although, if you wanted to be a little more subtle (and of course save the pennies), French Connection's milano cotton hoodie would finish the look off nicely and it's a snip at £45.

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