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Emporio Armani Swimwear | Sporty Style at UNDERU


Emporio Armani swimwear here at UNDERU can be recognised as luxury swimwear with a sporty twist. We love a good cocktail. Emporio Armani is known for their sporty flair. However, just because something looks sporty, does not mean it lacks quality. We have chosen a handful of boastful swimwear items that now ready for purchase just in time for summer.

Emporio Armani Swimwear at UNDERU

What makes the perfect summer outfit? Your style choices and character will heavily influence your answer to this. But, lets say you fit into the sporty style category, what would be your answer? I would say that the perfect summer outfit consists of a good pair of sporty style swim shorts that are long-lasting, quick-drying and look great on the bod. I would pair this with a lightweight t-shirt or vest that looks sleek with the swim shorts. Then, obviously you would need some shoes of some sort. And, what is mmore perfect for summer than sliders or flip flops? Then, to finish it off I would add a nice hat and some sunnies. Luckily, the Emporio Armani swimwear range here at UNDERU includes many pieces that would work brilliantly for this perfect summer outfit.

A picture of the outside of an Emporio Armani swimwear store

What is in the collection?

Starting with the almighty swim short. A clothing item that will literally make or break your outfit. It is undeniably the star of the show. But what Emporio Armani swim shorts do we have? From blacks to blues to reds. From big logos, to solid colours to tropical prints. Emporio Armani men's swim shorts have what you need. Armani swim shorts are designed to be high quality and long-lasting. We even have a band new swim trunk for anyone who likes tighter look. Next, the shoes. As mentioned, I do not think yo can beat flip flops or sliders as your summer footwear choice. Here at UNDERU we have Emporio Armani flip flops and Emporio Armani sliders to pair with your matching swim shorts.

Non-Swimwear Picks

Now, these next bits are not necessarily part of our swimwear range, but, they would go very well with the rest of your summer outfit. Whether you are head to toe in Emporio Armani or not, these products will work well in your summer wardrobe. So, what is there to offer? First, t-shirts, an absolute staple for summer. We have a large selection of Emporio Armani t-shirts that out customers love. Find them in handy multipacks sporting simple designs that include the famous Armani Eagle branding. Also, most of their t-shirts are available all year round. Or, maybe it is too hot for a t-shirt or you want to get a more flawless tan. Our Emporio Armani vests would work amazingly and look great with swim shorts. The choice is yours.

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